Tess McGillicuddy

Tess McGillicuddy is a Senior Director of Customer Operations, overseeing both Vibes Customer Care and Mobile Engagement Service teams. Tess is passionate about MarTech technology, thought leadership and best in class customer support and services. From leading the establishment of the Customer Care team in 2011, Tess and team operate with a "Never Be Satisfied" mentality always looking for opportunities to better serve our customers. Awards: CSS Awards (Globe Business Awards) | 2016, 2018, 2019 Customer Support Department of the Year | 2018, 2019 Service Team of the Year | 2019 Customer Service Leadership Team of the Year

  • 3 Ways Vibes is Reshaping SaaS Customer Service

    3 Ways Vibes is Reshaping SaaS Customer Service

    SaaS Customer Service has traditionally been outdated, arbitrary, and inaccessible. It shouldn’t be that way. Learn how Vibes Customer Care team is redefining Customer Service in three unique ways.

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