5 Restaurants That are Taking Personalized Mobile Experiences by Storm

February 14, 2019 Vibes Marketing

5 Restaurants That are Taking Personalized Mobile Experiences by Storm

If there’s one industry that can benefit from mobile marketing, it’s the restaurant industry. Because diners are often price-sensitive, sending well-timed, personalized messages through text, push, or mobile wallet can be just the thing to compel them to choose your restaurant over the competition. 

5 Restaurants That are Taking Personalized Mobile Experiences by Storm 

Here are a few restaurant brands that are leading the pack in mobile marketing. 

Subway Drives Loyalty with Token-Based MyWay Rewards 

Loyalty programs can be even more effective when they are mobile, and Subway is a testament to that fact. Its MyWay Rewards program can be accessed either through a plastic card or the mobile app. Users receive four tokens for every dollar they spend, and once they accumulate 200, they save $2 on a purchase. They also receive bonus freebies and customized exclusive savings and offers based on past purchases. 

App users can also save favorite orders and order online for pickup. The brand’s mobile marketing strategy has gotten a 10x ROI in the US, causing the brand to expand its mobile efforts globally. 

Zaxby’s Customizes Text Message Marketing at the Local Level 

While most brands launch mobile marketing campaigns nationwide, Zaxby’s is getting more granular: by texting unique call-to-action keywords at each location, diners can receive marketing offers tailored to their favorite restaurant location. A diner at a Zaxby’s in Baton Rouge would get a different text offer than one in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This ensures that the offers are highly relevant and that local franchises can connect directly to their customers. 

Chipotle Expands Its Database Through Mobile Wallet 

Mobile wallet is another valuable marketing tool for restaurants. Because you can update offers indefinitely once a user has saved one to their wallet, you have the capacity to continually drive value through customized promotions long-term. 

Chipotle leveraged mobile wallet with its Burrito-a-Friend campaign and saw a 67% redemption rate when subscribers sent a digital coupon for a buy one get one free burrito to a friend. Not only did it send the original subscribers into the store, but it also introduced new diners to the brand. 

Starbucks Maximizes Sales Through Push Notifications 

Starbucks is one of the most referred-to examples when it comes to restaurant brands leveraging mobile, and for good reason: its app is near perfect, allowing for easy ordering and loyalty program updates. 

But one component that really boosts sales is Starbucks’ push notifications strategy. App users who opt into notifications get notified of Happy Hour pricing, bonus star offers, and announcements of new products, all of which serve to drive sales. Additionally, once a user places an order through her app, she is instantly given the option to add a tip from a notification. 

Domino’s Makes Ordering Pizza Text-Message-Easy 

For those who can’t be bothered to visit a website to place an order for pizza, Domino’s makes it even easier: ordering via text. Customers must have favorites saved in their profiles since the service will automatically order from that data. The customer simply texts a pizza emoji, and the pie is on its way. 

These are just a few examples of how restaurant brands are using mobile marketing to align themselves with what customers want. Expect to see even more innovative campaigns as restaurant brands explore all that mobile marketing has to offer. 

Mobile marketing takes the headache out of deciding where to eat and provides your brand with plenty of opportunities to create customized offers with high redemption rates. You can use mobile to engage with customers before, during, and after they dine with you, extending that customer relationship over time. Learn more about how mobile marketing can help your restaurant boost sales and customer loyalty. 

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