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10 Must-Haves When Choosing Your Mobile Marketing Partner

As the year draws to a close, you may be starting to vet vendors to assist with your 2018 mobile marketing efforts. If you haven’t ventured into mobile marketing yet, you may be unsure as to the qualities you should look for when interviewing potential mobile partners. Here, get insight into what makes for a stellar mobile marketing partner.

  1. Proven Return on Investment

Naturally, if you’re branching out into mobile marketing, you have expectations of it delivering results for you. When you employ the aid of a professional mobile marketing firm, you want to know that it has experience generating a strong return on investment for its clients.

Ask: What outcomes has this firm generated? How can it help you strategize around your own ROI?

  1. Streamlined Onboarding

Implementing any new technology or tactic can put a strain on your marketing team, and bringing on a third party can make that process even more challenging…though it doesn’t have to. A solid mobile marketing partner will get you up and running with your new campaigns within days or weeks, not months.

Ask: What’s the average onboarding time? What does that process look like?

  1. Strategy That Rolls with the Changes

Because mobile marketing is such an ever-changing industry, it’s important that your mobile strategy stays fresh constantly. Your partner should be able to help you assess changing climate and shift direction as needed.

Ask: How often will this firm assess our mobile marketing strategy and suggest updates?

  1. Thought Leadership

Of course, the firm you choose should know mobile marketing like nobody else. It should be leading the way with its knowledge by creating whitepapers, webinars, and other content to educate you and others on cutting edge technology and strategy.

Ask: How does this firm impart its wisdom in the mobile space?

  1. Agile in Its Innovation

Not only should a mobile marketing partner help you stay on top of mobile strategy, but it should also do the same itself. Look for a firm that continually offers more ways to serve its clientele in the mobile world.

Ask: What’s the unique selling proposition of this firm? Is it impressive?

  1. A Reliable Platform

Working with a mobile marketing firm means you will use its mobile marketing platform in order to connect with your customers. That platform should be stable so that you never have to worry about the privacy of your customer data, nor that the system will crash when you need it most.

Ask: What is this platform’s uptime rate?

  1. Seamless Integration

Your new mobile marketing platform should serve to enhance the systems you’re already using, not work against them. Look for a partner that offers a platform that integrates with CRM, POS, and ESP systems you already use.

Ask: What integrations does this software encompass?

  1. Mobile Industry Contacts

Any mobile marketing agency worth its salt will be involved with mobile marketing’s governing committees and boards. The benefit to you is that you will be ahead of new compliance guidelines and regulations, and you’ll be tapped into the latest news in the industry.

Ask: How does this firm get involved with the mobile marketing industry as a whole?

  1. Prompt Short Code Provisioning

Be aware: short code provisioning can be time-consuming in the mobile space. The industry average is 10-12 weeks, but savvy mobile partner can get it approved faster.

Ask: On average, how long does the short code provisioning process take this firm?

  1. Tier 1 Aggregator Status

Having direct relationships with the major mobile carriers is an appealing quality when looking for the right mobile marketing partner. Having this kind of access means your SMS messages will get sent faster and with a high throughput rate.

Ask: What is this firm’s throughput rate and uptime?

At Vibes, each of these 10 criteria are our goals in serving our customers. We strive to make it painless to integrate mobile practices with other marketing strategy, and pride ourselves on our industry reputation. Check out how we can help you with your 2018 mobile marketing strategy so you can engage directly with today’s hyper-connected consumer at scale.