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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Mobile Marketers

A new year means a fresh start, and plenty of opportunity to improve upon what you did last year. If you’re into making New Year’s Resolutions, add these to your list to ensure that your mobile marketing strategy is on point in 2018.

  1. We Will Get Bolder with Mobile Strategies

While you might have only dipped your toes into the world of mobile marketing last year, now is the time to be innovative and adventurous. Tools like mobile wallet, push notifications, geolocation, beacon, and SMS/MMS messaging have all proven themselves to be worthy contenders in mobile marketing, so plan to add one or more to your strategy this year.

  1. Will Ditch Loyalty Cards

The fact that 72% of consumers are in favor of getting rid of plastic loyalty cards and rather save their data on their phones tells you that this year will be huge in revolutionizing the loyalty program industry.

At Vibes, we are urging retailers to #DropYourWallet or get rid of physical loyalty and payment cards in favor of digitized loyalty profiles and mobile wallet features. Eliminating plastic loyalty cards saves you money, and ensures that customers always have access to their loyalty information, since it’s saved on their phones (and who leaves the house without their phone these days?).

  1. We Will Get to Know Our Customers Better

When it comes to successful mobile marketing campaigns, the more granulated you can get in the details, the better you can personalize mobile offers and increase conversion. One customer is interested in completely different options and products than another, so why would you send them identical marketing offers? This year, use all that data you’ve gleaned to really understand what your customers want.

  1. We Will Leverage Mobile Analytics

Speaking of mobile analytics, have you been ignoring it in the past? This is the year that changes. Mobile marketing campaigns are highly trackable, and the information you can gather from analytics and metrics are insanely useful in helping you shape future campaigns and improving results. And if you’re a brick-and-mortar store, you also have valuable information through your loyalty program and promotions redemption.

This year, assess results after each campaign, then make small iterations to improve the next one.

  1. We Will Find the Right Mobile Marketing Partner

While certain mobile marketing campaigns can be DIY, more technologically advanced ones like SMS and mobile wallet need an experienced partner that can guide you through the sometimes murky waters of mobile marketing regulations and implementation. This year, find a mobile marketing partner with strong industry ties (preferably a Tier 1 aggregator) who can help you reach your customers better through mobile.

  1. We Will Better Leverage Mobile Marketing In-Store

While geolocation services are valuable in that you can push offers to mobile users who are within proximity to your store, beacon services take it up a level. You can pinpoint exactly where a shopper is in your store and direct them to a particular aisle or product on sale. They’re already in your store; now all you have to do is point them in the right direction.

  1. We Will Amp Up Our Mobile Engagement Strategies

For existing subscribers, how have you been engaging them in the past? What campaigns have you held that gave them a reason to come back again and again, either to your mobile app or your actual store? This year, create campaigns that spur excitement, like games that require people to use your app daily.

  1. We Will Provide More Customer Service Value

It’s easy to forget about providing value once an order has been placed, but mobile marketing, particularly transactional messaging, offers you more opportunity to be useful to your customers and keep that connection going. Sending an update on shipping status, or letting SMS subscribers know when a product they’re interested in is back in stock reinforces your relationship with them.

  1. We Will Actually HAVE a Mobile Marketing Strategy

It’s all too easy to simply start using different mobile marketing tactics without having an overarching plan. But that won’t help you achieve goals…primarily because you likely don’t have them. This year, decide what you’re trying to achieve with mobile marketing. Set goals, then create a plan for how you’ll achieve them.

  1. We Will Not Rest on Our Laurels

Once you start seeing traction with your mobile marketing efforts, it can be tempting to keep doing just that one thing over and over. While that might get you results, you’re better off continually adding new tactics and adopting new technologies to stay competitive.

Make these your resolutions for 2018, and watch how mobile marketing will make a difference to your brand!