2016 Transactional Messaging Consumer Report

September 10, 2016 Vibes News

“The majority of respondents (78%) say a text message is the fastest way to be reached for important service updates on purchases”

Today’s consumers expect service-based communications from the companies they interact with. They also welcome these messages as they inform customers of the status of their order. Whether it’s an alert that their payment has been processed or their order has shipped, these notifications deliver tremendous value to consumers. The 2016 Transactional Messaging Consumer Report is here to help you capitalize on the transactional messaging opportunity by arming you with the data, insights, strategies and use cases you’ll need to launch best-in-class service messaging programs for your company.

Arm yourself with the insights in this report to:

  • Execute on mobile consumer expectations and demands
  • Understand the impact of transactional mobile messages on the consumer experience
  • Inform and shape your mobile strategy for service-based communications

The top preferred companies for transactional messages include:

  • Banking/financial (e.g., account-based alerts)
  • Transportation (e.g., your cab is on the way, etc.)
  • Retail stores (e.g., buy online, pick-up in-store, or in-store product location information)  Delivery/ Restaurants (e.g., your order is on its way)


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