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2018 Mobile Consumer Trends: Consumers are Demanding Personalized Offers

2018 Mobile Consumer Trends: Consumers are Demanding Personalized Offers

We’ve long been telling our clients that personalization is the key to connecting with their audience through mobile. This year’s Mobile Consumer Trends Report just reiterated that fact.

If you haven’t been sure whether personalization was worth your time and energy, here are a few reasons you should get on board.

1. People Will Unsubscribe If an Offer Isn’t Relevant

Personalization in mobile marketing is all about remaining relevant and useful to your audience. Who’s more likely to take advantage of your buy one get one free kids’ clothes offer: a mother who has purchased from you before or a man who has only bought men’s clothes at your retail brand?

The Mobile Consumer Report showed that 44% of text message subscribers will opt out of future messages if they aren’t getting offers or information that are relevant to them. So always, always consider your audience when you send mobile messages. Leverage tools like geolocation and data like past purchase behavior to help you craft hyper-personalized offers.

2. You Can Boost Mobile Wallet Adoption with Personalization

If you’re struggling to get more shoppers to save your mobile wallet card to their phones, consider getting more personal: 87% of consumers say they would save personalized mobile wallet content (last year’s report found that number to be 66%, so there has been significant increase here).

Again, use the data you’ve already got access to. If you run an event management company, use past purchase behavior and location to suggest nearby events or events in the same genre.

3. Reach That Elusive Millennial Market

Another way personalization can help your brand is in connecting with Millennials, who have proven difficult to connect with on other marketing channels. They’re among the easiest to connect with when it comes to asking for personal information in exchange for personalized offers or products:

  • 56% would fill out a survey

  • 54% would give their phone number

  • 19% would provide their social media handles

  • 12% would give access to their calendars

If Millennials have been hard for you to reach, consider what you’re offering them. If you zero in on exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll willingly give you all kinds of great customer demographics.

Take a note from Amazon Kindle, who sends push notifications on mobile devices when books similar to what a customer has purchased before go on sale: by paying attention to your customer, you can increase sales by giving them personalized offers based on what you know about them, also increasing the likelihood of conversion.

The More You Know, The More You Grow

Collecting customer and subscriber data is one thing, but you actually have to use it to benefit from it. Knowing, for example, that women are more interested in incentives than men (67% of them, anyway) or that Millennials prefer exclusive content or store news can help you craft your individual mobile marketing campaigns. And yes, you will have multiple campaigns going at once if you are serious about personalization.

The good news is that with Vibes’ Mobile Engagement Platform, you get access to all manner of data, whether it’s from actions a subscriber took, your point of sale system, your CRM, or your loyalty management platform. You can use this information to better understand your customer and her wants and needs. From there, all you have to do is create an enticing offer that speaks directly to her.

It’s no longer an option of whether to personalize content or not, because consumers want it. If you want to stay in the game, you’ll have to start engaging 1:1 with your mobile audience.

Download the 2018 Mobile Consumer Report to get more insights into today’s digital-savvy consumer.