3 Key Questions Marketers Need to Be Asking about AI

February 26, 2019 Vibes Marketing

3 Key Questions Marketers Need to Be Asking about AI

If you’re still unsure about artificial intelligence and how it can help your brand reach customers, you’re far from alone. It’s still an up-and-coming technology tool, but it won’t be for long: 61% of marketers say it’s their most significant data initiative for the year. 

Still, we recognize that you have some questions — and should — when it comes to artificial intelligence’s role in your marketing. Here are three questions you need to ask before you start implementing AI. 

1. How Can AI Enhance Our Customer Experience? 

Because AI uses data and algorithms to record each customer’s actions on your website and on other marketing channels, you have the ability to deliver powerful personalized offers using this information. 

Let’s say you use a chatbot to answer questions from customers on your site. Because you’ve already been tracking what a particular shopper has bought in the past — or looked at on this visit — you already know that she’s interested in women’s jewelry, particularly necklaces. When she uses your chatbot to ask a question, you can offer her a personalized promotion for buy one, get one free necklaces. She’s blown away at how personalized the offer feels, and she redeems it right away. 

2. Where Does the Data Come From? 

There’s a wealth of information that artificial intelligence can provide marketers across different channels including social media, your website, emails, documents, ads, and phone transcriptions.  

That data is then processed to extract key phrases, sentiments, language, and relevant topics. You choose the information you care about and craft your marketing campaigns accordingly. 

3. What Insights Can I Pull from my Audience? 

The actual insights you can glean from this data are just about limitless. 

From your website, you can find out which pages a shopper has visited, and whether or not she made a purchase. You can find out how many people are adding items to their shopping carts but not completing the transaction. Then you can craft an email campaign to get those shoppers to complete the transaction, maybe by offering them 20% off of the items in their cart. 

You can also see which mobile offers they’re redeeming, and through which channels (mobile wallet? SMS? push?). You can see which geolocation promotions are getting redeemed and offer more that are similar. 

With email, you can see who opened your emails and who clicked a link inside, as well as who made a purchase from that link. 

On social media, you can find out who clicked, shared, or liked a post, as well as discover which offers are getting redeemed the most. You can also determine which audience is clicking on your social media ads. 

But AI isn’t just helping you gather these data points; it’s taking this information and doing the marketing for you, in some cases. Artificial intelligence tools can automatically bid on a social media ad (and customize it) to reach more people or craft an email subject line that will increase your open rate. And that’s where marketers are really finding value. Rather than guessing to try to better engage customers, they’re using artificial intelligence to succeed at it. 

China is a good role model for how AI and mobile marketing can be paired to deliver even more personalized and relevant offers. Using what are called super apps, consumers can make purchases, pay utility bills, order car services, or book a doctor’s appointment. With this multi-dimensional data, marketers can anticipate a consumer’s needs and provide a marketing offer that fits the bill. 

The U.S. shouldn’t be far behind China, as AI is picking up speed. We can’t wait to see how marketers will leverage this astounding technology. 

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