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3 Ways to Prioritize High Importance Messaging & Break Through the Clutter

In recent times, there has been increased debate over which channel is most effective: email or SMS. Rather than polarizing the two, smart marketers recognize the purpose of each channel and how to optimize both to their strengths for a holistic, omni-channel strategy.

Working together, email and SMS can cover an array of marketing objectives and reach each consumer segment. While both channels are effective, certain messages are suited for each channel.



When it comes to high-importance messaging, SMS is the high deliverer. High-importance messaging is timely, relevant and often personal, requiring immediate action from the consumer. This can include purchase nudges, order status notifications, pick-up reminders, and limited offers.

With open rates upwards of 98%, and email hovering around 20%, SMS reaches a wider audience. Additionally, most texting apps are native to phones, highlighting SMS as the more accessible channel. Most text messages are read within the first 90 second of receiving, whereas emails are read within the first 90 minutes. Lastly, SMS is used with personal communications to friends and family, making SMS an intimate channel. With roughly 50% of all emails reported as spam, SMS breaks through the clutter for a personalized, timely message.



Here’s three ways to begin using SMS for high-importance messaging.

1) Set up automated messaging within mobile platform for order notifications or appointment reminders



2) Utilize wallet coupons and notifications to drive redemption of time-sensitive limited offers

3) Leverage SMS for mobile ecommerce

When used effectively together, email and SMS are key elements of a high-performing marketing campaign. Leverage each channel’s strength to drive optimal results.  

For more on high-importance messaging, download Vibes’ Guide to Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce here.