4 Challenges with Mobile Personalization (and How to Solve Them)

November 30, 2017 Vibes Marketing

We now live in the era of individualized mobile experiences. As marketers, we now can go far beyond mass-blasted SMS messages to deliver intricately personalized marketing efforts that increase loyalty and ROI with our customers.

What to Know About Personalization

Today’s consumer wants personal touch from your brand, especially via mobile. When you can engage customers through mobile marketing, you can increase conversion, improve customer retention, and eke more value from your marketing.

If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. On the other hand, if you are able to speak to just one person at a time — or at least make that individual feel like you’re doing that — each and every customer feels valued. And people who feel valued support the brand that makes them feel that way.

Personalization in marketing now goes beyond “Welcome [firstname]” email messages. Now it expands into customized product recommendations, offers, messages, articles, and promotions…all while establishing brand loyalty. Marketing teams are using social mining and mobile analytics, and tracking individuals’ habits to give useful personalized recommendations to keep them engaged with their phones for longer.

While mobile personalization is a wonderful way to reach your audience, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of as you execute your strategy.

  1. Thinking Who Your Customer Is = What They Need

There’s so much content out there about knowing your customer, and yes, it’s quite important to do so. But with personalized marketing, it is also important to understand what experience the consumer expects in their moment of need, as well as why they need it.

For example: you may know that your customer is a 40-year-old professional woman who uses her phone for work, but you also need to know that on the weekends, she spends significantly more time on her phone while she’s out running errands. This represents a fantastic opportunity for you to send an offer when she’s in proximity to your store.

Certainly, develop buyer personas to assist in your marketing, but also collect rich data to understand consumer behavior so that you know how to personalize your mobile marketing.

  1. Not Linking Personalization Objectives to a Clear Business Outcome

Before you get deep into personalized marketing campaigns, pause and first identify business goals. Sometimes marketers fail because they haven’t properly connected mobile marketing efforts to business objectives, and then the two are out of sync.

This should apply to all your marketing efforts: start by determining what business outcomes you want to achieve overall. The entire umbrella of your marketing tactics will contribute to these results. Then measure campaign results against that goal. If it doesn’t move the needle, recalibrate and try again.

  1. Over-Operationalizing Personalization Strategy

Too many cooks in the kitchen, they say, spoils the meal. So can too many opinions derail a mobile personalization campaign. Once you start assigning multiple team members to be involved, inviting additional stakeholders to meetings, and applying too much governance to the process, you get away from actually accomplishing what you set out to achieve.

Establish simple processes from the start; have one or two marketing team members own the mobile marketing component of your overall strategy, and have them report to the CMO.

  1. Assuming One Technology Will Solve all Personalization Challenges

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem, is there? The same can be true for mobile personalization. You may need more than one vendor or mobile partner to assist with your mobile data, delivery, and content needs, so spend time assessing providers for those that best suit your requirements.

Personalization is the key to really engaging with your audience via mobile marketing. Invest in tools that help you understand exactly what your customers want so you can deliver it, one customer at a time.


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