4 Must-Have Strategies for Effective Mobile Engagement

July 18, 2017 Vibes

Given the million directions a given consumer is pulled in, thanks to more screens, more brands, and more offers out there, successfully engaging her through her mobile device is understandably a challenge. How can you capture a consumer’s attention so that they will not only buy from you today, but will continue to be loyal to your brand over time?

Here, get four strategies to effectively increase your mobile engagement while being relevant to your audience.

  1. Pay Attention

The behavior of your mobile subscribers will tell you everything you need to know about the efficacy of your mobile marketing efforts, if you’re willing to pay attention. The data you can secure through your mobile marketing dashboard and analytics will point you to understanding which offers were more appealing and which missed the mark. You can learn how quickly the average subscriber adds an offer to their mobile wallet, whether they redeems it or not, and which offers they use when they’re in proximity to your store.

With this data, you can tailor future promotions to ensure mobile engagement and increase redemption of your offers.

  1. Add a Social Component

People have become accustomed to sharing things with their social networks. This is a benefit for you because now you have an army of people who can do your marketing for you!

Consider sending a giveaway offer to mobile users who are near your store. A shopper can get a second entry to win a prize if they share the promotion on their social media profiles (perhaps even multiple entries if they share it to different social platforms). Now all their friends will see the contest and flock to your store so they can enter to win too.

  1. Always Have an Update

The more relevant offers you put in front of your mobile subscribers, the more they will take advantage of them. Through both push notifications and mobile wallets, you can create compelling offers people will want to take advantage of.

Once a mobile user saves one of your offers to their mobile wallet, you have the opportunity to continually update that offer, securing your place in their mind. Don’t waste this chance to create new and innovative promotions that will get their attention.

Push notifications are another great channel to keep updated. Because 56% of mobile users allow push notifications, you can reach a significant number of people with your offers. Just don’t abuse them. Too many push notifications can give people ad blindness, and they’ll stop paying attention to your notifications or opt out of them altogether.

When you do use push notifications for communicating updates, make sure you have some call to action. If you have a mobile game app and you just added new levels or functionality, tell people to “click to unlock” so that they feel compelled to take action right now. If you are using push notifications to alert shoppers in your radius of a 20% off coupon, create urgency by setting the expiration time in one hour.

  1. Keep People Posted

Another opportunity for mobile engagement is through transactional messaging. These messages are less about marketing and more about staying connected to your customers through an order process.

Let’s say you have a delivery service. Your transactional SMS strategy could include:

  • Confirmation of the order
  • Notification when it’s heading their way
  • Alert that the delivery person has arrived at their home
  • Followup to rate service

Because consumers check their text messages more frequently than they do their email, they will appreciate getting up-to-the-minute details about their orders.

Mobile engagement requires diligence and continual effort. But if you pay attention to what mobile users are responding to, you will find it easy to continue to be important to them.


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