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4 Steps to a Successful Mobile Wallet Campaign

While you’re sold on the idea of incorporating mobile coupons or offers into your marketing strategy, you may not know exactly what that should look like or how to get started. Does it require a tech-savvy individual on your team? Do you need to hire someone else to create the offers? In fact, creating mobile wallet campaigns is dead simple, and updating them is a breeze too.

In this post, we’ll look at how to create an effective offer or coupon for a mobile wallet.

Start with the Mobile Wallet Manager

For Vibes clients, it all begins with our Mobile Engagement Platform Wallet Manager. This is where you create campaigns and view results. At a glance, you can view how many mobile wallet subscribers you have, as well as how many people are saving or redeeming your offers. You can view detailed data on each campaign, which is valuable in helping you direct future campaigns for even better results. This is also where you will create new mobile wallet campaigns.

Step 1: Create

The first phase of your mobile wallet campaign is creation. This is where you design the offer you will send to mobile wallet subscribers. Vibes has templates for both Apple Pay and Android Pay that you can customize. You can also set up a mobile web page for people who don’t have an Apple or Android phone, thus reaching an even wider audience with your mobile offer.

Starting with a template, you can customize your offer to include your company logo and colors and other personalized details. You can input the offer, along with redemption rules or expiration dates. You can even assign a unique barcode to help you track redemption in-store.

Step 2: Distribute

Once you’ve customized your wallet offer, you select which channels you want to send your content through. This might be via text, email, mobile ad, QR code, and/or wallet push notifications.

Vibes offers clients a unique ‘SmartLink’ feature that produces a one-of-a-kind device-aware URL that will provide you analytics on what devices and channels people are redeeming your offers from. Testing out promotions across multiple channels, you can determine which are driving the most conversion and focus your attention there in future campaigns.

Step 3: Optimize

This step is an important one. You’ve now got all the data you need to understand how successful a given mobile marketing campaign is, but this data is only valuable if you use it to shape future strategy.

With Vibes’ mobile marketing platform, you get detailed insights on program-level metrics like view, save, and deletion rates, as well as bigger picture mobile wallet information. Seeing, for example, that one particular campaign didn’t fare as well as you would have liked, you can make changes — perhaps to the call to action wording or the offer itself — and measure results again.

Step 4: Update

One of the most valuable features of mobile wallet marketing is the fact that once a subscriber saves one of your offers, you can continue to update it indefinitely, providing more opportunities for conversion. Try to do that with paper coupons or plastic loyalty cards.

You can tweak the offer (perhaps increasing its value for anyone who didn’t redeem the initial offer), the color scheme, or links in order to get those who have saved your offer to take action. You’ve got an evergreen touchpoint in your customer base’s phones that never expires, and that can evolve with your brand’s strategy.

Creating and optimizing mobile wallet offers is simple, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be a part of your mobile marketing strategy starting today!