4 Ways You Should Connect with Your Mobile Consumers

July 25, 2017 Vibes

When it comes to connecting with customers, the more channels you have to reach them, the better your chances of actually engaging them. And while the sky’s the limit in terms of how you can connect with your mobile audience, here are four must-haves for your mobile marketing strategy.

  1. Push Notifications

Mobile users have become accustomed to receiving pings on their phones that alert them to sales, new game levels unlocked, and views on their social profiles. When these push notifications provide value, they offer real potential to get mobile users to open and use your app or take advantage of a mobile wallet or other promotional offer.

Bonus Tip for How to Leverage: Pay attention to the frequency of your push notifications. Studies show that weekly notifications seem to be the sweet spot, getting about a 3% open rate. Send them more frequently and you risk people either opting out or becoming immune to even noticing your notifications.

  1. Mobile Wallet Offers

One of the most successful marketing tools right now is the mobile wallet. Because thousands of people download and then use either the Android Pay or the Apple Pay app, you can reach far more consumers than you would with your own proprietary mobile application. Continually test out different types of offers (free gift with purchase, percent off, dollar amount off) to see which resonates best with your audience.

Bonus Tip for How to Leverage: Make the most out of the captured audience that saves your offer to their mobile wallet. You can update that offer again and again so that anyone who has you saved to their wallet will see the new offer and can take advantage of it.

  1. Transactional Messaging

Connecting with mobile consumers is about more than just trying to send them to your store or buy from you online. Transactional messaging is a highly-impactful way of staying connected with customers once an order has been placed. You can send SMS messages to notify customers that their order is being processed or shipped, as well as to follow up for feedback after the delivery.

Bonus Tip for How to Leverage: Keep your transactional messages short and sweet, but include calls to action where appropriate. For example: once a customer has received an order, you can send a quick survey, asking them to rate service on a scale of 1 to 5, with the option to click a link to provide additional feedback, should they choose.

  1. Text Messaging

For those who don’t use mobile wallets, text message marketing is another way to both lure in potential customers as well as stay in contact with current customers.You can send anything from promotional offers to notifications that a bill is due. Keep track of which offers are getting redeemed and which aren’t, as well as at what frequency people start to unsubscribe from your offers, so that you ensure that you’re always providing value and never annoying people.

Bonus Tip for How to Leverage: For ecommerce, SMS is a great way to lead subscribers back to your mobile site to place an order. Include an enticing offer in your SMS, then include a hyperlink to the product page on your site. If there is a coupon code for the promotion, have it preloaded on your mobile site so that when a shopper checks out, it’s already there and waiting to help her save.

Having a multi-pronged mobile marketing strategy helps you reach a wider expanse of consumers. Continually track results and refine your campaigns to ensure that what you’re offering — no matter the mobile channel — you’re giving consumers exactly what they want.


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