5 Questions About Building Brand Loyalty

June 30, 2017 Vibes

One of the major findings from our 2017 Mobile Consumer Report was that consumers want brands to bring brand loyalty and mobile together. At Vibes, we have a long list of examples that shows mobilizing loyalty programs leads to more loyal customers.

With loyalty always top of mind for marketers, we wanted to sit down with an expert on this topic, our VP of Sales Matt McKenna. Read on for a discussion on the evolution of loyalty, how mobile is a powerful loyalty tool and more.

How has loyalty changed over the past few years?

Loyalty has become a greater priority now that brands need to engage with hyper-connected, mobile consumers. I want to create a bumper sticker that says “Mobile is the connective tissue for your brand.” Click to tweet. We’re seeing so much of the customer journey begin and end on mobile devices, so brands need to put mobile at the center of their loyalty strategy.

What is the state of loyalty programs in 2017?

Loyalty has been a cornerstone of successful brands for decades, so everyone knows they need to have a program, but few are doing it right. Rewarding customers for spending and repeat patronage are table stakes, but in the hyper-connected world we now live in engagement needs to be personal and in real time — exactly what mobile enables.

Do you think it’s harder or easier to maintain loyal customers today?

Much harder, particularly for brands that do not have sophisticated mobile programs in place. You and your competitors are all going after the same customer, so you have no chance of building loyalty unless you’re implementing mobile technology to create a 1:1 relationship.

What are the biggest benefits from digitizing loyalty cards in Apple Wallet and Android Pay?

Apple Wallet and Android Pay are game-changers for loyalty marketing. Click to tweet. Some of our customers have recorded eight-figure savings from ditching the plastic and mobilizing their loyalty programs, but the benefits are even more impressive. Mobile wallet offers trackable, updatable and location-aware content that enables you to keep your brand top of mind, drive in-store traffic and increase sales.

What do you wish brands would do more of to build loyalty?

Create personalized 1:1 relationships with their customers. While a one-to-many relationship worked in marketing for many years, the future is a 1:1 relationship that accounts for the customer’s behavior and preferences.

Want more helpful insights into how to approach your loyalty strategy? Download the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report and follow Matt on Twitter @Real_McKenna.


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