5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Next Mobile Call to Action

November 20, 2018 Vibes Marketing

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Next Mobile Call to Action

When it comes to marketing — any kind of marketing — there is one critical ingredient that you need to ensure that people move into your sales funnel:  

A call to action. 

That call to action (also called a CTA) is one sentence or phrase that tells people what you want them to do. That might be: 

  • Click to learn more 

  • Download now 

  • Sign up to save 

  • Buy now 

It might seem silly, having to tell people what to do (isn’t it obvious?), but a little nudge in the right direction can go a long way. Especially if there’s a lot to look at on your website or app, having the right CTA can direct people toward one single action. 

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Next Mobile Call to Action

The Call to Action for Mobile Marketing 

The CTA is especially important when you’re dealing with mobile marketing. Consumers are bombarded with messages from brands, enticing them to buy from them. But the right call to action from your brand can be what stands out and gets them to add you to their mobile wallet, subscribe to text messages, or allow push notifications from you. 

Here are five questions you should ask as you’re crafting your next mobile call to action. 

1. What’s the Offer? 

A CTA needs to be crystal clear: one offer, one action. Look at two different options for a call to action: 

Sign up for our emails here, then go to Facebook and Like our page to save even more! 

Sign up for our emails to get your 20% off coupon today! 

The first one is a little confusing. Should a shopper sign up for emails...or go to Facebook? She’s only going to want to do one, which is why it’s so important to focus on a single action. You can save the Facebook one for a different CTA in a different promotion. 

Remember: the offer should be really enticing! Think: big percent off, a buy one get one free, or a free gift with purchase. 

2. Am I Creating a Sense of Urgency? 

The key with CTAs for mobile is to keep them short and urgent. If the offer is time-sensitive, shoppers understand that they need to take action now to get it.  

Use words like: 

  • Now 

  • Instant 

  • Today 

  • Limited time offer 

  • Limited space 

  • Only [hours or minutes] left to redeem 

By limiting the time available that someone can redeem an offer, you increase the likelihood that they’ll do so. 

3. What are the Steps for Them Once They Click? 

Pay attention to the process from the moment the consumer takes the required action to ensure that it’s short and sweet. For example, if you send an email encouraging subscribers to add your brand to their mobile wallets, what are the steps to do so? 

Make sure you have easy instructions so that people don’t get frustrated with a lengthy or complicated process. Your email should have a link that, once opened on their mobile phones, will launch their mobile wallet. From there, they should be able to easily allow push notifications from your brand or fill out a digital loyalty profile. 

4. Have I Personalized the CTA? 

All CTAs are not created equal, and those that are personalized for the recipient can see as much as 202% better conversion rates! 

Use the information you have about a shopper or subscriber to speak directly to her with your call to action offer. If you know that a shopper frequently buys women’s boots from your retail brand, your call to action could be: 

Becky, put this $10 toward your next pair of boots! Activate your loyalty account to redeem today! 

5. How are My CTAs Faring? 

Just as important as carefully crafting your calls to action based on what you know about your audience is looking back at data from past CTAs. You can see, at a glance, which CTAs and offers saw a higher redemption rate, and you can use this information to help you craft future calls to action that get even better results.  

Any tool you can use to boost your mobile marketing results is worth doing, isn’t it? Spend a little extra effort creating highly-effective calls to action, and see how you can increase conversions.

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