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5 Signs That it’s Time to Get a New SMS Aggregator

5 Signs That it’s Time to Get a New SMS Aggregator

When working with an SMS aggregator, a lot of companies don’t know what to look for, and then end up with a partner that isn’t meeting their needs. If you’re experiencing any of the following with the company you rely on to connect you to mobile carriers, it’s time to start shopping for a new aggregator.

  1. You’re Frustrated at How Long Provisioning Codes Takes

You need short codes so you can get your mobile marketing campaign rolling, and your aggregator promised you fast code provisioning. And yet, it’s taken months to help you scale.

If there are latency issues with carriers that are holding up the process, why isn’t your aggregator telling you?? ARG!! You feel like your hands are tied because you can’t start connecting with your audience until you get your hands on those codes.

The fact is: unless you’re working with a reliable Tier 1 aggregator who has established relationships with carriers, provisioning new codes may take months. And that simply isn’t acceptable. Vibes provisions short codes in just 4 to 6 weeks, and 37% of all short codes are provisioned by Vibes.

  1. You’re Feeling Manic with the Customer Service You’re Getting

Whenever you submit a support request, it’s days before you hear back on it…if you hear back at all. You’re pretty sure support requests are outsourced, ticketed, and forgotten. That’s certainly not the way to run a business!

Vibes, on the other hand, offers 24/7/365 customer support, and all support team members are directly employed by Vibes, not outsourced. Our Customer Success team is available via email and phone, and we’re working on a live chat. Our staff is trained to troubleshoot and fix problems – not just file tickets.

  1. You’re Disappointed with All the Integration Requirements from Your Aggregator

You might be disappointed with the poor integration setup, and adhering to other aggregators’ strict integration requirements is a drag on the setup process. Usually, it’s their way or the highway.

Vibes offers easy HTTP API/SMPP integration, and we have 20 years of experience customizing integration, optimizing throughput and redundancy to give you peace-of-mind.

And to top it off, throughput capacity with your current aggregator might be limited, meaning it takes more time to get your SMS campaigns to push through.

At Vibes, we understand that other aggregators lag behind in throughput. That’s why we strive for 8000 TPS throughput, as well as 24-hour carrier monitoring and reporting, delivery receipts, and mobile disconnect reports, helping you stay ahead of the latency and compliance storms.

  1. You Feel Trapped Because You Signed a Long-Term Contract

This aggregator reeled you in by offering attractive rates…if only you would sign a long-term contract. Which you did. Now you’re banging your head on the wall because you know it will cost you a pretty penny to switch providers. And migrating aggregators will be a time-consuming headache.

And so you wait, as the days in your contract drag on. Meanwhile, your mobile campaigns are suffering as a result.

Vibes doesn’t hold clients to multi-year contracts to get good pricing. Rather, we incentivize partners with volume discounts. Since we have more direct connections with carriers than most other aggregators, there’s fewer middlemen taking a cut and inflating your prices. Plus we make migrating to Vibes easy. Let us manage your integration setup, traffic switchover and short codes while you bask in the glory of saving your organization money.

  1. You’re Resigned to Accept the Shoddy Service You’re Getting

You’ve given up the idea of having a positive experience with an SMS aggregator. You’re starting to believe that every aggregator offers poor service, that they’re unreliable, and that SMS simply isn’t worth pursuing as a result.

But know that your experience with one aggregator is not what you’d experience with Vibes. As a trusted Tier 1 aggregator (there are only 4 in the US), Vibes has positive relationships with all major mobile carriers. Our Vibes Connect SMS/MMS aggregation gateway and connectivity service ensures that your transition from an ineffective aggregator to our streamlined service is smooth.

There’s a difference you’ll instantly see when working with Vibes: because we’re good at what we do, you can sit back and relax, and let us do the work on your behalf.