5 Takeaways from the 2018 US Mobile Consumer Report

July 18, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Each year, we dive into the fascinating world of mobile with our annual US Mobile Consumer Report. This year, we surveyed 1,000 US smartphone owners to understand compelling trends in mobile usage to help you as a marketer put your best foot forward when designing your mobile marketing campaigns.

5 Takeaways from the 2018 US Mobile Consumer Report

Here are some highlights from this year’s report.

1. Women and Millennials are More Interested in Incentives and Exclusive Content

While both genders find promotions or coupons useful and are compelled to use mobile wallet, women — at least 67% of them — are more interested than men in incentives.

Gender differences also exist in the type of content – men want hospitality and entertainment messaging, while women are more interested in retailer messaging.

The type of content you offer via mobile will also affect who you attract: Millennials in particular will subscribe to your mobile updates if you offer exclusive content not found on any other marketing channel (35% of Millennials want this) or store news (29%).

2. Where You Recruit Customers Matters

While there are many channels you can (and should) use to attract customers to opt into your mobile messaging, knowing the channels your particular audience prefers can help you boost subscribe rates.

Here’s what the report revealed: 40% of consumers prefer to opt in to mobile messaging via an online form where they can enter their mobile number, 36% want to opt in at the point of purchase, either online or off, and 32% want to opt in via email.

But if you’re trying to reach Baby Boomers, you may have more of a struggle: Boomers are more likely to be worried about security with mobile wallet (65%). You can combat this by providing education and information on the safety of mobile wallet, as well as instructing them how to use it.

3. How Much is Too Much When It Comes to Messaging Frequency?

While, yes, consumers want to hear from your brand, there is such a thing as overkill. The most common reason smartphone owners unsubscribe from mobile messaging is because brands send too many messages.  

Women (61%) more than men (49%) unsubscribe because they’re getting too many messages.

So what’s “too many?” For 27% of smartphone owners, one message a day is too much and will drive them to unsubscribe. For 32%, two or more messages a day will cause them to opt out.

You’ll have to find your own balance of the right number of mobile messages that will keep people subscribed and engaged. Focus on limiting push notifications and mobile messages to a few times a week, and personalize messages so they’re more relevant to your customer.

4. Your Customers Want a Digital Loyalty Card

Digital loyalty cards are no longer a novelty, and consumers are now demanding them. In fact, 69% are interested in making their loyalty cards digital, and the majority of those interested in digital loyalty programs would use their cards more if they had a digital option.  

The same goes for coupons: 78% of consumers say having digital coupons would be more convenient than print. And just like with mobile wallet use, both women (81%) and Millennials (89%) are the most likely to seek out digital coupons. If you’re trying to reach either of these demographics, consider digitizing your promotions and coupons to boost engagement.

5. Millennials See Plenty of Benefits with Chatbots

While awareness and usage of chatbots remains low — only 29% of consumers have used one — Millennials are leading the pack in engagement. Thirty-eight percent of those consumers who are open to communicating with a chatbot do so because it is a faster way to get information, while 19% think chatbots make it easy to find the information they’re looking for.

5 Takeaways from the 2018 US Mobile Consumer Report

As always our US Mobile Consumer Report provides interesting insights on how consumers are interacting with mobile, as well as how your brand can better deliver what they want.

Click here to download your copy of the report.

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