5 Things We Learned at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

May 17, 2018 Maria Gianotti

Vibes + Marketo = Better Together

This month, we were lucky enough to attend (and sponsor) one of the biggest marketing events for professionals in the US: the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit. In between mixing candy cocktails for attendees at the Vibes booth and speaking at the event (Julia Pearson rocked it with her “How to Boost Conversions for Your Brand with Email & SMS Engagement” presentation), we came away with a few nuggets of knowledge we wanted to pass on to you.

1.  The Landscape of MarTech is Changing

Marketing technology, in our humble opinion, has some of the best innovations in tech because it’s helping businesses work smarter to engage and convert leads. While dozens of companies have sprouted up over the past few years, offering more and more ways for brands to grow, now we’re starting to see some interesting partnerships and acquisitions.

At the Summit, Marketo announced that it had made its largest acquisition ever: Bizible. Now customers can leverage Bizible’s robust performance data, analytics, and revenue measurement capabilities combined with Marketo’s advanced marketing automation platform.

Another noteworthy partnership is that of Radius and Leadspace, which will amplify the predictive marketing software and audience management platform’s capabilities.

It’s exciting that brands are collaborating or combining because it means even more benefit to us as marketers!

2. Now’s the Time to Leverage AI to Power Marketing Growth

We at Vibes have had artificial intelligence on our radar for a while. What we saw at the Summit only reiterated the fact that now is the ideal time to start using it to grow a business.

Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC warmed AI-phobic marketers up with easy ways to start incorporating it into their marketing strategies, and other sessions dealt with incorporating AI in cross-channel strategies.

3. Vibes and Marketo = Better Together

Just like peanut butter and jelly, we’re better with a partner like Marketo, and the Summit made that all the more evident.

We’ve partnered with Marketo to offer marketers a seamless experience so they can better engage with customers through mobile and increase conversions through email and SMS engagement.

Vibes at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit

At the Summit, we served candy cocktails featuring alcohol-infused Sugarfina candy served in martini glasses. These proved to be great icebreakers as attendees began to flock to our booth to see what we were up to.

We had a great time talking to marketers from all over the country about mobile marketing combined with email.

4. Personalization Creates Effective Customer Engagement

It was gratifying to be surrounded by marketers who, like Vibes, realized the importance of personalization in engaging customers.

JD Nelson, Marketing Operations Manager at Spigit Inc., talked to an audience about how to start personalizing content and offers using Marketo, and personalization was a recurring theme in other presentations.

Personalization is no longer going to be a separate strategy for marketing of any kind in the very near future. Customers are beginning to expect offers to be customized for their needs, and at Vibes, we thrive on delivering exactly that personalization through mobile marketing.

5. Ending with One Exciting Announcement from Marketo

As if all the amazing knowledge shared at the Summit wasn’t enough, Marketo wowed its audience by announcing a new platform called Marketo Sky, designed to help marketers plan, engage, and measure more effectively.

The innovative next-generation experience platform will be in open beta by the end of May and helps marketers by offering shorter workflows, personalized screens for each team member, and a streamlined design and contextual help for new users.

Our heads are still spinning from all that we got from the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, and already we are counting down until next year!

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Maria Gianotti

Maria Gianotti is the Director of Demand Generation at Vibes. She's passionate about growth marketing and educating other marketers on the tremendous potential of mobile. Currently, Maria serves on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association's San Francisco Chapter as 2019 President-Elect.

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