5 Tips for Leveraging Mobile Wallet for Event Management

May 29, 2018 Vibes Marketing

5 Tips for Leveraging Mobile Wallet for Event Management

If you’ve ever had the hassle of forgetting an event ticket at home or digging through weeks of emails to find a confirmation number for your ticket, you’ll appreciate one particular aspect of the mobile wallet: event management.

Not only does managing tickets for an event through mobile wallet make it easier for your attendees to access their ticket, but it also provides you with a significant branding opportunity that will leave a lasting impression. And because you can update your event passes in real time, your attendees stay on top of event updates without you having to email or issue new tickets should changes occur.

Here’s how to get the most out of your mobile wallet event management:

1. Connect Email to the Wallet Experience

People are still accustomed to getting email confirmation of registration for an event, so don’t stop that effort. But there is a way to successfully bridge the gap between email and mobile wallet.

Provide the details on the event in the email (date, location, login info), but also include a link to add the ticket to an attendee’s mobile wallet. With one click, they should be able to save that ticket and then see updates and details within their Android or Apple mobile wallet.

2. Send Pertinent Event Updates Via Push Notification

Now that you’re connected to your attendees via the one device they rely on regularly, make the most out of it. Sending push notifications when you have updates can help attendees feel better engaged. Some examples to update them on include:

  • Announcement of event schedule

  • Addition of new speakers

  • Changes to the agenda

  • Special discounts on hotel or rental cars

  • Checklist to prepare for the event

Remember not to bombard your attendees with too many notifications. Limit them to only the most important so that you see a high open rate and you ensure that you’re delivering value with each push notification.

3. Give Them the Option to Print

We’re not quite to ubiquitous use of mobile wallets for event management (though the day will come, mark our words!), so ensure that attendees can just as easily print their tickets or show an email to gain entry to your event.

4. Consider Leaving the Mobile Wallet Pass Active Post-Event

While the event pass will expire once the event is over, you can keep it active as long as you’d like. Doing so post-event allows you to send additional messages to attendees, such as share a photo from the event, ask for feedback through a survey link, or offer a special post-event promotion for attendees to take advantage of. If you have your next event lined up, you could even announce early bird pricing for it through the mobile wallet event pass.

5. Pay Attention to Analytics

If you hold multiple events, you’ll want to assess the data you glean from one event managed through mobile wallet to adjust your next campaign accordingly. Pay special attention to the open rate of those push notifications, as they tell you a lot. You might see that many people opted out once you started sending multiple notifications a day, or that certain announcements got more positive reception than others. Knowing this information, you can ensure that the next go ‘round is even more fruitful.

Managing events through mobile wallet isn’t the future; it’s now. Vibes has already launched event management campaigns for clients and partners: at a recent Shoptalk event, a significant number of the 3,000+ attendees added the event pass to their mobile wallet. Vibes and Shoptalk were able to provide attendees with need-to-know information on the back of the pass (which can, of course, be customized to the brand or host for the event).

We are proud to be the mobile wallet ticket sponsor for Shoptalk Europe, which takes place October 8-11, 2017, in Copenhagen.

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