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5 Ways Push Notifications Can Accelerate Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

5 Ways Push Notifications Can Accelerate Your Mobile Engagement Strategy

When it comes to engaging consumers via mobile, a multifaceted approach works best. While you may use mobile wallet and SMS to get offers in front of your audience, there’s one tool that really drives home conversion:

Push notifications.

Push provides that Pavlovian response that retailers crave from shoppers. It’s that ding that lights up their brains and gets them to pick up the phone to see what they’re missing. Push is what gets them to take action, redeem an offer, or add a coupon to their mobile wallets. It’s what, in a nutshell, converts mobile subscribers to customers.

So let’s take a look at a few ways that push notifications can help you amp up your mobile engagement strategy.

  1. They’re the Glue That Binds Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

Because push can be connected to so many other mobile marketing features, it’s really what ties it all together. A push notification can come when:

  • A shopper has a new offer or coupon
  • An offer is about to expire
  • A shopper is near a store with coupons available
  • An app has new features
  • A game player has leveled up
  • Someone likes a user’s dating profile

Because mobile users have to open an app or mobile wallet to access the information, it can be easy to forget about doing so. But push notifications serve as that reminder that there’s something cool happening that the subscriber will want to take advantage of.

  1. Consumers Can’t Get Enough

Consumers want to get push notifications from your brand: 46% want to get them once or twice a day from brands, which gives you plenty of opportunity to create value through updates, offers, and reminders.

Keep in mind that even if customers like hearing from you regularly, you still need to pay attention to mobile analytics to understand which notifications got the best open rates. You may find that when you send a different promotion every day that your audience gets overwhelmed and confused about which one to redeem. Stick to one offer at a time; let it expire before you create another. In the meantime, you can send notifications to remind users to redeem the offer, news about upcoming events, or info on their loyalty program rewards.

  1. Your Metrics are Off the Charts

Because push is connected to your other mobile efforts, as well as your mobile database, you can get cross-channel engagement insights that really give you deep data on how you’re doing across mobile marketing campaigns.

Use that information to tweak wording, offers, or even colors on promotions to improve conversion and redemption rates.

  1. Provide Value that Consumers Want

The more you focus on personalization when it comes to mobile marketing, the better able you are to deliver exactly what your audience wants, on a 1:1 level.

Push can be customized based on consumer preferences. You can send one offer via push to loyalty members and another to those who haven’t shopped with you in a few months. Creating different push campaigns allows you to drill down to smaller segments of customers while maximizing redemption.

  1. It’s Never Been Simpler

We recently announced Vibes’ new release of our native Push Notification product, which we’re extremely proud of. Now, more than ever, we can help you manage push notification volumes at scale, simplify integration, and help optimize your mobile multi-channel journey.

Vibes Push from Vibes on Vimeo.

The best news for you is that it takes only minutes to set up a push notification campaign and get it up and running.

Mobile marketing shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming to use. That’s just one more way we’re looking out for you!