5 Ways to Make Your MMS Messaging Rock

November 1, 2018 Vibes Marketing

5 Ways to Make Your MMS Messaging Rock

When it comes to text message marketing, nothing packs quite the punch of MMS messaging. It’s the next level when it comes to reaching your customers and seeing a high level of almost instantaneous redemptions. 

How MMS Beats Out SMS 

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with using SMS messages to reach customers, particularly if a sizeable portion of your audience doesn’t have a smartphone or data plan, MMS stands out in numerous ways. 

According to Marketo, MMS sees a 15% average clickthrough rate, resulting in higher customer engagement. It also gets 20% higher campaign opt-ins than SMS, and subscribers are eight times more likely to share MMS content on social networks. 

If that’s not enough to convince you, how about this: 

MMS messages are unlimited in terms of how many characters and images you can include. SMS is limited to 160 characters. So, really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do to reach your audience with MMS texts. 

5 Ways to Make Your MMS Messaging Rock

Ways to Use MMS Messaging 

There’s no end to ways to connect with your customers through MMS messaging, but here are a few proven ideas that retailers have latched onto. 

Special offers, promotions, or sales: 61% of people subscribe to mobile messaging because they want access to coupons and exclusive offers from your brand. With such an eager audience, you’re guaranteed to boost sales when you send, for example, a 20% off coupon to mobile subscribers. 

Video content: If video marketing is part of your marketing strategy (and it should be: viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.), sending new videos via MMS gets your subscribers first access to what they want. You can create product demonstration videos, how-to tips, or a behind-the-scenes clip from your brand. 

New product images: Another type of exclusive content you can offer mobile subscribers is visual content, specifically photos of your product. You could create a silly gif of a unicorn holding your product or text a survey to subscribers to see which color they prefer of your product. 

5 Tips for Better MMS Messaging 

While the medium (MMS) is important, so is the message. Use these tips to ensure that your customers get what they want in subscribing to your MMS messages. 

1. Make your visuals engaging: The point of MMS is to leverage video, photos, and gifs, so make the most of them! Mix it up each message, then pay close attention to open and redemption rates to understand which visuals hit the mark best. 

2. Keep subscribers in the messaging app: You have a better chance of an offer being redeemed if subscribers can stay within their messaging platform. Include a code that can be scanned at checkout for a percentage off a purchase or a buy one get one free offer. 

3. Keep the message short and sweet: Just because you can have unlimited characters in an MMS message doesn’t mean you should! Keep your messages short and to the point. An image can accompany the text but make your message no more than a few short sentences long. 

4. Stay consistent with your branding: Likely, your MMS promotion will be part of a larger marketing campaign, so make sure the images and verbiage you use are consistent with other campaign elements. 

If you’re sending a Black Friday offer, for example, and you want to use the image of a wrapped present, make sure it’s the same image you use on social media, your website, and in store. This helps consumers connect the dots between one interaction with your brand and another. 

5. Include a call to action: Subscribers need to know what you expect them to do after reading the text. Do you want them to click to redeem, visit a store to save, or click to sign up for mobile messaging? Only include one call to action per message. 

Using MMS is a great way to engage your audience, but remember: the content you send is just as important to pay attention to!

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