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5 Ways Mobile Can Solve Any Business Problem

Mobile is a fantastic channel for communicating with your customers and should be in every marketer’s tool belt. Did you know that you can use mobile messaging for your business operations as well? Here are 5 ways to make your business better by using mobile engagement.

  1. Makes Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) Even Easier

Since 2020, BOPIS, ROPIS, and Click and Collect services have seen a massive surge in demand. While customers love the convenience of having their order ready for pickup as soon as they arrive, it can be an organizational challenge for you and your staff.

Using SMS to support BOPIS operations can streamline the pickup process and shorten customer wait times to alert customers that their order is ready as soon as it's available. You can use mobile wallet passes to create scannable order slips that can be linked to your inventory or order management systems. These mobile wallet passes can be dynamically updated to reflect changing order information, reduce "wrong order" incidences, and improve inventory management by ensuring that your team knows exactly when and where the order or item has been picked up.

  1. Helps Manage Crowds In Your Stores

Managing foot traffic flow has become essential in a post-pandemic world. Use SMS alerts or mobile wallet passes to communicate essential information to customers about where they need to go, when they need to be there, and alert them if there is a delay. These mobile channels can be automated and are typically opened much faster than emails or voicemails, making mobile the ideal channel for communicating time sensitive information. You can reduce the need for manually powered outreach while ensuring that your customers actually receive the latest information about their time slot or appointment. Letting your customers know if there's a delay before they've even left their home not only improves the customer experience, it also reduces the strain of having to manage frustrated and unexpected customers on-site allowing your staff to focus on functional operations.

  1. Improves Employee Engagement

If you have a large employee headcount or a big campus, you likely have security measures in place. Often these security systems rely on analog safety features like employee badges or the alertness of security personnel. Creating a mobile wallet pass for employee access passes allows you to remotely toggle access or clearance, reliably track entry/exit on the individual level, and cannot be duped, stolen, or damaged the way a physical badge can be. SMS programming can also be a fun way to keep your staff engaged and update the entire organization for welcoming new hires, celebrating important events, and as a virtual directory for employees!

  1. Increases Customer Awareness of Important Billing Updates

Whether you're running a subscription modeled service, a membership platform, or a utility, you always want to be clear and transparent with your customers about when they are being billed, and how much they will be charged. This helps avoid nasty surprises that leave your customers with a negative impression of your brand and tie up your customer service channels. SMS based alerts can be used to prompt your customers to pay their bill, take an action on their account, or simply remind them that their payment will be processed soon.

  1. Most Reliable Channel for Shipping Updates and Inventory Alerts

With global supply chain issues, managing inventory and shipping product promptly is an organizational challenge that requires flawless communication both internally and with your customers. Use SMS as a channel to keep your customers in the loop with the latest information on your products and on their order. Dispatching shipping alerts and order updates via SMS also reduces your reliance on the patchy, difficult to use, messaging systems of your carrier to communicate with your customers. SMS alerts directly from your brand provide your customer with a personalized, branded experience from click to unboxing.

Mobile restock alerts can unsnarl tangled supply chains when your demand exceeds your available supply on hot products. By integrating into your inventory warehouse and other CRM management systems, mobile then gives you the ability to instantly update your customers as soon as the sold-out item is available, directly onto their phone.

Mobile as a channel is here to help you fill a key engagement gap, improving your employee engagement and retention as well as reaching your customers who may not be loyal enough to download an app but still want to hear from you when time and convenience are of the essence. Since mobile is a channel that's here to stay, further integrating it into your larger communication strategies will be sure to separate you from your competitors and make you a leader in your industry.

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