6 Easy Steps to a Rocking 2019 Mobile Messaging Strategy

December 13, 2018 Maria Gianotti

6 Easy Steps to a Rocking 2019 Mobile Messaging Strategy

With another year nearly upon us, you’re probably thinking about how you want to engage your audience in 2019 through mobile messaging.  

6 Easy Steps to a Rocking 2019 Mobile Messaging Strategy 

Not to worry! Here, get highlights from our newest guide, 6 Steps to Becoming a Mobile Marketing Rockstar. You can also download your free worksheet to follow along with your own strategy. 

Put on your rockstar mentality, and let’s dig in. 

1. Put Together a Band! 

In this case, your band is made up of your stakeholders. Everyone wants a turn at the mic, so it’s important to give stakeholders what they want: acquisition and revenue. Position your mobile marketing program in the best possible light to get it approved by those in charge.   

If you can identify common pain points with mobile marketing as well as explain how you’ll overcome them, your stakeholders will be your biggest fans. 

Some typical pain points might be: 

  • Low conversions through email programs 

  • Not enough ROI from marketing campaigns 

  • Reduction in basket size 

To create harmony with your band, set goals and objectives for mobile success, and then measure against them. This will keep stakeholders invested in the process as you start to see results from mobile messaging. 

2. Learn How to Play with Channels 

Before you can add in mobile messaging to your marketing campaigns, look at what you’re currently doing. What strategies and channels are you using to connect with your audience? Which channels do your customers prefer to interact with you on? Who is your customer? 

Having a firm grasp of your customer demographics is key to determining which mobile channels are most appropriate to engage them. For example: if you cater to Gen Z, you may want to focus on your loyalty program over your mobile app. 

3. Practice 

No rock band comes out sounding amazing the first time. Practice, as they say, makes perfect. The more you dabble with mobile messaging, the better you’ll understand what resonates with your audience. 

Pay attention to results for each campaign, then change just one thing for the next so that you can measure the results that change created. Too many modifications leave you wondering which caused redemption rates to go up (or down). 

4. Practice, Practice...and More Practice! 

Let’s be honest: you’ll never be 100% perfect as a rockstar...or in mobile marketing. That’s why you have to continue to work harder. Try different mobile strategies like mobile wallet or push notifications, once you’ve mastered SMS and MMS. 

And if you have a loyalty program, consider digitizing it. Send customers updates on their points via text or let them save loyalty member offers to their mobile wallets. 

5. Time to Compose and Share 

Don’t be a one-hit-wonder. Branch out from your initial mobile marketing campaign with others that hit the mark. Adapt and react to customer preferences by creating relevant, timely, and location-aware communications across channels and devices.[Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]And communicate all the ways customers can connect with you via mobile on multiple channels, including in-store signage, email, social media, and, of course, mobile. 

6. Listen [to Your Data] 

Just like musicians listen to music to understand how they can improve it, you need to listen to your data to understand how effective your mobile marketing is at engaging your audience. 

One advantage to mobile marketing is how trackable it is. Where billboards and television commercials are difficult to directly tie to revenue, mobile is made for attribution. Every time you run a campaign, you can look at the data to assess results, and then use that data to influence future campaigns for even better results. 

Pay attention to things like: 

  • Total active subscribers 

  • Monthly growth 

  • Clickthrough rate 

  • Wallet install % 

  • Retention % 

  • Incremental revenue per subscriber 

Feel like a mobile messaging rockstar yet? It may take time for you to find your groove, but with a little experimenting and lots of listening, you’ll soon find your vibe (couldn’t resist) for 2019! 

Download the free 6 Steps to Becoming a Mobile Marketing Rockstar worksheet here. 

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