6 Mobile Engagement Ideas to Boost ROI This Holiday Season

September 7, 2021 Vibes Marketing

This year’s holiday season is rapidly approaching and is gearing up for unique challenges as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Elevated levels of both consumer price consciousness and safer shopping and dining expectations will be present during this holiday season.


Consumers will be looking for competitive prices, sales and transactional benefits like free shipping or delivery as top determining factors for holiday spend, and the brands they were once loyal to every holiday season might not be greeted with the same festive faces if they can’t deliver on these expectations and preferences.


Mobile can support brands as they navigate these seismic shifts with a flight of holiday engagement ideas ready to live up to the new standard of brand engagement in mobile shopping & dinning.


Holiday Deals Page and Gift Guides

Easily deliver holiday deals to cost conscious shoppers through Deals Pages and Gift Guides, which can be created and housed within Vibes Mobile Pages. Like any landing page, Mobile Pages are customizable and can be delivered anywhere a link can be placed. With the rise of consumer adoption of QR codes, this holiday season Vibes experts recommend utilizing QR codes, text messages, mobile emails, and social media to link to a Deals Page.


While interacting with the Deals Page, shoppers can quickly browser the current holiday deals and clicking on the enabled image can be brought directly to a Mobile Wallet coupon with the specific deal to save to their phone.

Holiday Spin-to-Win or Tap-to-Reveal Experiences

Customized to your brand and needs, reveal experiences, including spin-to-win and tap-to-reveal allow consumers to participate in an interactive experience before receiving a Mobile Wallet coupon, which can easily be added to the consumer’s phone. Previous examples of a Reveals experience have shown an 86% coupon redemption rates.


These experiences can be delivered anywhere a link can be placed, and Vibes experts recommend sending the link through text message as reveals are optimized for a mobile experience.

Daily Deals Campaigns

Appeal to cost conscious consumers by delivering daily deals through text messaging. Like other holiday engagement experiences, these daily deals can be sent through broadcasts, acquisition, or information campaigns. Other retail daily deal campaigns have brought in 426,000 offer redemptions and 108,000 new opt-ins.


For increased engagement, use MMS messages (texts with images of GIFs) to visualize the deal or product you’d like the feature.



Everyone loves an extra deal so spark interest quickly with a text-2-win campaign. By sending a link to enter or having participants enter via keyword, a giveaway can be hosted seamlessly on mobile. Vibes technology enables a winner to be selected automatically, including one winner overall, one winner per time period, every nth winner, and more. Winners are notified by text. This makes the process seamless for both the consumer and you the marketer.


Vibes experts recommend using Text-2-Win as an opportunity to prompt entrants to join the mobile program. (Pst, be careful on compliance here! Vibes experts can walk you through this process to ensure it is appropriate).


Vote Campaigns/Surveys

To combine several of these experiences, send a trivia or vote campaign through text.


A Vibes customer used daily trivia campaigns to engage consumers in fun holiday trivia while also entering participants into a giveaway. This program was conducted through a separate subscriber list and at the end of the trivia campaign an acquisition prompt was sent to participants to acquire them into the main subscriber list. Previous examples of a vote campaign experience 11% of users who received a message converted from the vote campaign.


Another Vibes customer used a vote campaign to ask consumers what category they were shopping for that holiday season. Depending on the keyword response, participants then received a personalized Gift Guide via Mobile Pages with specific category coupons linked directly to Mobile Wallet.

Ecommerce and Curbside

Along with cost consciousness, consumers this year are looking for convenient and safe shopping options. Ensuring your ecommerce and pick-up in-store or curbside delivery options are optimized for a seamless consumer experience is crucial this year.


A quick way to build a mobile database is by enabling a tap to join pop-up window on your home page, and a click to join option at check-out. Both process use keywords or APIs to trigger a text message for the consumer to easily opt into a mobile program. And yes, they are compliant as consumers must physically tap send on the message and Reply Y to the confirmation message before being officially subscribed. It’s a good idea to also include CTA banners, ads, text form fills, and other mentions of the mobile program throughout the website. You can even link to a mobile wallet in an ad or homepage message.


Now is the time to build tags into your website with the help of your Customer Success Manager and Mobile Engagement Services team. This allows you to leverage retargeting text messaging to send cart recovery reminders when consumers leave their carts before purchasing. It also allows you to send personalized coupons based on purchases. All of which boost ROI this holiday season: cart recovery messages can lift ROI by 8x. (DOUBLE CHECK ECOMM GUIDE)


In addition to optimizing your ecommerce site for holiday mobile engagement, it’s also a good time to ensure your delivery notifications and BOPIS and BOPAC programs are in place. Mobile’s immediacy allows consumers to receive urgent delivery notices right away – a huge benefit during the busy holiday season. Consumer trust can be easily broken if delivery communication is delayed.  Read more on consumer trust here.


The holidays are great opportunities to connect with consumers on emotional levels, get to know their preferences and shopping behaviors, and build engagement and loyalty with your trusted consumer bases. To do so, marketers should ensure to meet consumers where they are and make the holiday shopping experience as convenient and seamless as possible. Mobile engagement creates these seamless interactive experiences that help build trust during a busy time. This trust builds brand loyalty throughout the year, boosting your ROI and helping you build the case for more resources for next holiday season to see even more ROI.

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