6 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2018

February 8, 2018 Vibes Marketing

6 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Pay Attention to in 2018

One of the best things about being in the mobile marketing space is getting to see up-and-coming trends, as well as seeing new technology become widespread in its implementation. Where, just a few years ago, brands were unsure of how to leverage mobile marketing, it’s become a powerhouse in terms of engaging audiences in a meaningful way.

But what’s coming down the pipeline in 2018? What’s worth paying attention to or even investing in as you develop your own mobile marketing strategy? Leave it to us to boil it down to just what you need to know about mobile marketing trends in 2018.

  1. Mobile Wallet Continues to Expand Its Value

First, mobile wallets came on the scene as a way to let people pay for transactions with their phones. Then we saw coupons and special offers being added, and customers loved that. Now we’re seeing mobile wallets replace even more paper and plastic card functions, like event tickets, boarding passes, and membership cards.

There’s really no limit to the capacity of the mobile wallet. As adoption among consumers increases, look for retailers and other businesses to find ways to incorporate it into their customer service and marketing functions.

  1. Automatic Loyalty Enrollment Just Changed the Loyalty Enrollment Game

One particular component of mobile wallet worth mentioning is its robust ability to grow and nurture loyalty program members. It all starts with automatic loyalty enrollment (ALE), where, rather than have to hurriedly jot down their contact information (resulting in some of it being unreadable to the clerk who later has to input it into the point of sale system), they can simply tap their phone to the payment terminal to transfer contact information into a profile for the loyalty program.

It takes seconds, and it saves so much time and money. The loyalty signup process has been revolutionized!

  1. Rich Communication Services is Elevating Text Messages

Have you stopped to consider how archaic traditional SMS messaging has become? It hasn’t kept up with our need to quickly access information…or even to send cute GIFs and emojis.

That’s where Rich Communication Services (RCS) comes into play. Consider it Texting 2.0: adding certain rich features will enhance texting in interesting ways for consumers and brands alike. Users can share their location, attach large video, audio, or photo files, or see when someone else is texting.

For brands, RCS offers more ways to engage with their audience using the visual features they love, like images and GIFs. If you can speak your customers’ language, you can win their hearts.

  1. MMS is Alive and Thriving

While the rest of the world catches up with the RCS movement (you’ve got to have a newer RCS-enabled phone to take advantage of its features), MMS text campaigns are still highly effective. In fact, retailers using multimedia messaging can see 30-50% more conversions than with SMS.

  1. Loyalty Programs Have Never Been More Successful

Thanks to the rise in adoption of digital loyalty cards, retailers are seeing more success than they ever had with their loyalty programs. Without the burden of carrying around stacks of plastic loyalty cards, shoppers are free to accrue and redeem loyalty points with the tap of their phones to the payment terminal.

Brands are headed to a loyalty war as they up the ante for rewards to loyal shoppers. Remember: your customers have a choice about where they shop. Give them enticement to return to you again and again.

  1. Push Notifications Gets People at the Right Time, Right Place

We’ve all become trained to pick up our phones whenever they ding or buzz. We’re the modern version of Pavlov’s dog. And smart retailers take advantage of this fact by baking push notifications into their marketing campaigns. Shoppers feel a sense of urgency and rush to redeem whatever offer they’ve been notified of.

Consumers like push notifications: 46% want to hear from brands 1-2x a day. Because they’re constantly carrying their phones with them, redemption of offers via push notification, especially if it’s geo-location based, is almost instantaneous at times.

In a few months, how brands use each of these mobile marketing strategies may have evolved, but the fact is: they’re tried and true ways to connect with customers.


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