7 Crazy Effective Ways to Grow Your Mobile Database

November 29, 2018 Vibes Marketing

7 Crazy Effective Ways to Grow Your Mobile Database

So you’re using mobile marketing to reach your consumers...only your database seems to be stalling out. While you had an initial surge of subscribers, you now feel stuck in growing your mobile database. 

Sounds like you need an injection of fresh ideas! Not to worry; we’ve got several tried-and-true ways you can boost subscribers to your mobile list. 

7 Crazy Effective Ways to Grow Your Mobile Database

1. SMS: Entice Customers with Text Offers 

Close to 100% of all texts are opened and read, which makes text message marketing the obvious first stop for connecting with your audience. But how do you get people to subscribe? 

Give them an irresistible offer. That could be a discount or coupon, or it could be special services or access only given to SMS subscribers. 

For example: allow subscribers to order food delivery, reserve clothing to try on in the store, or see new products before everyone else does. 

Transactional emails are also appealing to customers. By signing up to get your texts, customers will be notified when their order is processed and be able to track it during shipping. 

Text message marketing is also ideal for driving mobile wallet and digital loyalty subscribers. Sending a text with a link to sign up for these services should be simple: clicking opens the mobile user’s wallet and allows her to add your brand to her profile. 

2. Email: Great for Converting Mobile Subscribers 

Did you know that 75% of consumers use their smartphones most often to check their email? They’re already on the channel you want to market to them through; all you have to do is move them from your email subscriber list to mobile. 

The key is giving them value via mobile that they can’t get with email. Don’t send the same offers, otherwise, there is no point in them connecting with your brand through two channels. Make signing up for SMS or mobile wallet as easy as clicking a link in the email on their mobile devices. 

Email is ideal for educating your subscribers on how mobile wallet works, and how they can add your company to theirs. This educational email should include a link they can click to automatically open your profile in their mobile wallets. 

3. In-Store Signage: Offline Converts to Online 

While many strategies for boosting your mobile database happen online, this one is essential for brick-and-mortar retail. Well-placed signage throughout your store should encourage people to sign up for text or mobile wallet...but remember the offer! Simply asking them to subscribe won’t get you a high signup rate, but offering, for example, a $20 off coupon to subscribe will. 

4. Contests and Giveaways: Consumers Love Games 

Contests and giveaways are wonderful drivers of mobile signups. You can promote a contest through in-store signage or through email. Once consumers open your mobile app or mobile website to play, they’ll be prompted to sign up for your text messages or mobile wallet.  

At Vibes, we’ve consistently seen this strategy work. One convenience store saw a 42% mobile wallet install rate from its Spin to Win game.  

5. Mobile Website: Make Shopping Easy 

Not every brand has or needs a mobile app, but a mobile website is essential and can, in fact, help you boost mobile subscribers. 

You can launch a microsite for a specific marketing promotion, for example, a holiday gift guide. Once people land on the site, a popup box can invite them to subscribe via text or save an offer to mobile wallet. 

6. Social Media: Covering All Your Bases 

Let’s not forget the old standby: social media! When working to boost your mobile database, use every possible channel. Again, make your mobile offers different than what you’re promoting via social to urge customers to connect with you across multiple platforms. 

Include the offer and a link to click to sign up via mobile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...wherever you have a social presence. 

7. Chatbots: More Personalization Means More Value 

We’ll end with one of the newest technological innovations out there: chatbots. Because they’re designed to feel like they’re talking to a human, they make consumers feel more comfortable with their brand interactions. 

Let’s say a shopper is on your site and uses the chatbot feature to see if you sell pink angora sweaters. The chatbot helps the shopper find what she’s looking for and then encourages her to sign up for mobile wallet offers.  

As part of this process, the chatbot can ask a few tiny questions that will help you better personalize the offers you send to that customer’s wallet, including birthday, location, and size. 

Increasing your mobile subscriber database won’t happen overnight, but if you diversify your approach, you’ll maximize results. 

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