7 Mobile Strategies for Your Cross-Channel Marketing

November 17, 2017 Vibes Marketing

In today’s highly competitive marketing environment, it’s not enough to reach consumers on just one channel. Think about it: you likely use a number of devices throughout the day. Your phone to check your banking app. Your tablet when you’re ready to settle in and read on your Kindle app. Your computer when you need to get work done.

With so many touchpoints in a consumer’s day, how can you expect to connect with them on just one?

Mobile is quickly dominating the search world, and mobile search has even surpassed those performed on desktops. So what does that mean for marketers? Mobile marketing better be part of your cross-channel strategy.

Here, get tips for implementing mobile into the bigger picture to reach your audience.

  1. Consider Consumer Behavior on Each Channel

Because your audience spends time on multiple devices, you need to understand how they interact with each one. Maybe a sizeable number of your customers will browse your mobile website, but end up making purchases on a desktop. This is important to know.

The more data you have on customer behavior, the better you can target your campaigns on all channels, including mobile.

  1. Develop Objectives

While you may have some overarching goals for your cross-channel marketing strategy, you should also break down objectives for each channel. Perhaps on mobile, you’re looking to increase the number of mobile wallet subscribers or opt-ins to your push notifications.

Keep these objectives in mind with each campaign so you can assess how close you are to actually achieving them, then make modifications to your approach accordingly.

  1. Segment Mobile Campaigns

Realize that “mobile” isn’t a one-size-fits-all marketing tool. Some of your audience will prefer to get SMS messages from you, while others will want to receive special loyalty offers via their mobile wallets. Spread your efforts out to encompass all mobile channels that your audience prefers.

Also remember the buyer’s journey: not all of your contacts are in the same place in that journey. Some will just be researching solutions to their problem while others may be swayed by a high-value promotion since they are now ready to buy.

  1. Include Cross-Channel Efforts

The more channels you can reach your audience, the better they will recall your brand. While you might send a 25% off mobile wallet offer, you can also send email subscribers a different promotion via email. Then you might use native advertising to reach more people on social media on desktops and mobile.

Remember that your marketing can no longer target a single channel, since consumers use multiple screens throughout their day.

  1. Create Consistent Messaging Across Channels

Customers who view your Google ad on a desktop should recognize that it’s the same brand that they’ve connected with on their tablet through an app. Consistent messaging and visual branding help with that.

One caveat here: while your messaging should be delivered in the same tone, mix up the offers. Don’t send the same 25% off coupon via SMS and email, since many of your subscribers may receive both, and then it’s redundant. Make each channel’s offers unique to increase conversion.

  1. Look at Metrics Both Individually and Collectively

It’s important to assess results at the individual channel level (as well as campaign level) as well as the bigger picture across all channels. The micro data gives you insight on how to tweak campaigns on that particular channel, while the collective view shows you how you’re doing in reaching overall marketing objectives.

  1. Consider Branding Above ROI

ROI isn’t always the first metric when it comes to a robust cross-channel marketing effort. Because you have so many touchpoints for a customer to interact with your brand, it can often be challenging to know which one spurred them to take action. Just because a customer made a purchase from your mobile app doesn’t mean that was their only interaction with your brand. They may have seen your ad on their laptop, then followed you on social media, then downloaded the app and made the purchase.

Make branding your bigger objective across channels. The more exposure consumers get to your brand across the board, the higher your overall conversions will be.


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