7 Ways to Use Mobile Wallet to Build Customer Loyalty

February 6, 2018 Vibes Marketing

7 Ways to Use Mobile Wallet to Build Customer Loyalty

When mobile wallet first came on the scene, the focus was entirely on giving shoppers the ability to pay for purchases with their phones. But as popularity of the tool has grown, retailers are finding even more perks — particularly in regards to customer loyalty.

Now, customers are ditching their plastic loyalty cards (a movement we’re encouraging this month with our #DropYourWallet campaign) in favor of storing loyalty card data in their mobile wallets.

For customers, it means less hassle and less plastic to tote around. For retailers, it means faster loyalty program signup at the point of sale (referred to as automatic loyalty enrollment), and more repeat business. It’s win-win.

So let’s now look at a few strategies you can test out using mobile wallet to build customer loyalty.

  1. Customize Offer Content

Just like with any marketing campaign, when you test out different colors, verbiage, and offers, you can land on the right combination to maximize redemption with your mobile wallet loyalty offer.

Using flexible templates in a mobile wallet platform, you can change the background color, upload your company logo, and change the offer description to better appeal to your audience.

  1. Keep a Steady Stream of Offers

The fact that 91% of people participate in loyalty programs tells you the potential you have to get existing customers back in your store. But that only happens if you continually develop enticing mobile wallet offers for loyalty members. Leverage push notifications so that members see your offers as soon as they’re available.

  1. Keep Offers Highly Personalized

Not only should loyalty members be able to rack up points toward rewards with purchases, but they should also get personalized offers that cater to their specific interests. That means that you won’t send the same offer to all members.

You can create multiple offers that you send to specific groups of customers based on past behavior. For example: frequent shoppers would get one offer, while customers who haven’t been in your store in a while might get a larger discount offer to draw them back in.

  1. Encourage Customers to #DroptheWallet

If you’ve been using plastic loyalty cards, now’s the time to make the transition to a digital program. Once you have your digital loyalty program in place, encourage customers to give up the plastic card in favor of creating a loyalty profile in their digital app.

A little enticement might be necessary to get them to make the switch, like an extra coupon or freebie. But once they’ve converted, they’ll never look back at those outdated plastic cards.

  1. Make Digital Signup Fast and Easy

The great thing about mobile wallets and loyalty programs is that the customer’s details are already stored within the wallet. All they have to do is tap the payment terminal, give access to your loyalty card in the wallet, and their information is automatically updated.

No more paper forms to fill out. No more clogged checkout lines. The simpler you can make it for customers, the more likely they are to sign up.

  1. Delight Them with Freebies

Loyalty members expect discounts from time to time, but most don’t expect free products or services. Giving them something free is a fantastic strategy to get them back in the store. More than likely, they’ll end up buying something else, which makes this an excellent sales strategy.

  1. Make the Loyalty Rewards Worthwhile

Starbucks is a great example of a brand with a loyalty program that drives sales. By incorporating the loyalty program into its mobile app, the brand saw 21% of its sales in a quarter from mobile payment.

But the loyalty program is a big driver of all sales. With special customized offers to customers, like buying coffee four days in a row to rack up extra points, Starbucks has gamified its loyalty program to the point that customers make purchases they didn’t plan to just to benefit.

Make sure the offers you give loyalty members are enticing enough to make them spend more money with you.

Loyalty programs have had new life breathed into them with the adoption of mobile wallet. How could your business change for the better by moving from plastic loyalty cards to an intuitive digital loyalty program?


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