A Look Back and a Shift Forward in Mobile Marketing Trends

October 31, 2017 Vibes News

During Vibes first podcast session, our expert speakers, John Glennon, Brooke Morse, Jackie Schiller and Michelle MacCarthy shared past and present trends that have been shaping the mobile industry. With over 30 years of tenure between the group, it wasn’t difficult for the team to identify the mobile trends that have made a difference in 2017 and the trends we’ll see as we move forward to 2018.

Some Top Trends of the Year to Date

Did you know that US consumers hold 3.8 billion memberships in loyalty programs, equating to approximately 10 memberships per person? Those are some provocative statistics that bring incredible marketing opportunities for brands! With a notable number like this, it’s important to stress how moving from traditional paper-based loyalty enrollment to mobile enrollment programs can add ease for customers to enter these programs and significant ROI for brands.

A Vibes customer who recently mobilized its loyalty program, started first by launching the program in 20 selected stores across the country to then expand the program to additional stores in early 2018. Brands are increasingly utilizing mobile to sign up consumers for loyalty programs, relying less and less on sign ups in-store or via an online form.

In addition to the advantage of getting loyal customers early on through a mobilized sign up process, loyalty cards that are being delivered via mobile, allow consumers to check status, points, and rewards without navigating an app or web page. With a mobile loyalty card comes the ability to gather more information about consumer shopping and buying behavior, improving brand margins and offering insight into what consumers really want from brand loyalty programs.

Include Mobile in Your Omni-Channel Promotional Strategy

Having a robust omni-channel promotional strategy, understanding goals, and setting clear success metrics prior to launching a campaign are all extremely important to help ensure successful campaign execution. While one campaign goal may be aimed at enrolling subscribers, another might be driving consumers to purchasewhichever goal is the right for your campaign strategy, there should be a clear distinction in how these are promoted.

Vibes helps customers send out cross-channel promotions for campaigns via push, MMS, mobile wallet and now Over The Top (OTT). An example of a cross-channel promotion can consist of having an ‘add to wallet’ call-to-action within an email offer with clear instructions on how customers can easily add the offer to their mobile wallet. By introducing mobile practices into emails, brands are able to help consumers adapt to mobile and drive engagement across multiple channels.

Transactional Messaging

When Vibes conducted its 2017 Mobile Consumer Survey, we discovered that 75% of mobile shoppers prefer time-sensitive messaging (i.e. your package has shipped/your flight is delayed). Vibes has several Financial Services customers who provide messaging to deliver payment reminders, confirmations, or other self-service activities consumers would want to know quickly.

Several other industries are experimenting with transactional messaging around delivery notifications, specifically “buy online, pickup in store” (BOPS) methods. Leveraging transactional messaging provides a great opportunity for brands to deliver information that consumers otherwise tend to ignore through email. For luxury brands, transactional messaging can be used to engage with consumers via mobile without actually offering them a discount, which many brands marketers wouldn’t think of outside of a mobile offer use case.

What’s Next for the Holidays?

With the holiday season looming, the Vibes team has some great insights into the behaviors of shoppers that will play a big role this upcoming season. Amazon continues to be the ecommerce winner both in sales and consumer loyalty/engagement. The online giant helps consumers navigate holiday shopping madness by offering options for shoppers on a budget, or those making last-minute purchases.

For Vibes customers, the holidays are a great time to push the envelope and try new ways to engage with busy shoppers via mobile. One of our luxury customers who doesn’t often extend offers and discounts created a mobile-optimized guide that allowed a curation of products tied back to various collections the brand wanted to highlight, and the engagement was unprecedented and drove 6-figure revenues.

One of Vibes’ top customers took advantage of long lines in-store and created a gamified mobile experience for consumers to play while waiting in line to checkout. At the end of the experience, consumers were rewarded with a small value offer to redeem once they subscribed to the mobile program.

Creating unique mobile experiences is truly key for brands to better engage with their customers and increase revenue. The brands that don’t offer customers these types of experiences will most likely get the short end of the stick in getting consumers attention during the holiday season.

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