A New Generation of Mobile Push

January 24, 2018 Vibes News

A New Generation of Mobile Push

As 2018 springs into action, Vibes is excited to announce the new release of our native Push Notification product. When we developed this capability, our goal was simple: create an easy to use and easy to integrate notification service that can scale and that is built for the business of marketing.

What does this mean for our brands? Instead of fretting over whether your current solution can manage millions of notifications, or having to rely on technical resources for every service or marketing notification, messages can be created as broadcasts or as campaigns in literally minutes, reaching your consumers when they are ready to engage.

How did we do it? The simple answer is experience. We leveraged our 20 years of SMS knowledge to create a seamless transition for marketers wanting to include push notifications as part of their mobile campaigns. We did this by thinking about how marketers intend to use push notifications along the mobile journey, what use cases would benefit their brands and consumers most, and how to create personalized messages that engage their best customers.

And believe us, there was plenty of motivation to get it right. When our team sat down to develop the best product possible, these were the 5 areas we focused on to create the best experience for consumers:

Promotes Engagement: To fully engage your consumers, marketers shouldn’t treat Push as a siloed channel experience. It should be used in tandem with other channels to create the mobile experience each and every consumer expects. Take, for example, your morning coffee. What if you awoke to a text message that your favorite blend is now available? Luckily, you recently downloaded the app so you have a promotion for your favorite coffee waiting for you, as part of your automated push notification welcome stream. Then, when you’re walking by the store, your Apple or Google Pay loyalty card will remind you to stop in. Three channels, working together, to get you going in the morning.

Quick and Easy to Integrate: We wanted to make sure marketers didn’t have to spend weeks trying to integrate their Push campaigns into their brand’s app. We did this by creating a prebuilt SDK that makes it a snap to connect in a few days.

High Performing: From the start, Vibes Push was architected to handle millions of notifications at any one time through its unique transactional notification service.

Measurable: Because Push is linked to the Vibes mobile database, all notifications can be tracked from message send through notification tap. When you connect to other mobile channels, like SMS and Wallet, your metrics can be extended to a complete cross-channel engagement view.

Unique Notifications by Device: We know consumers move around not only from channel to channel, but also device to device throughout the customer journey. That’s why Vibes links device and channels to create a single view of the customer. What this means is brands will be aware and able to engage with each consumer individually, whether that person prefers one device or multiple devices, SMS or Push, coffee or tea.

We hope you take the opportunity to learn about Vibes Push and how we’re transforming the way marketers engage their customers. To learn more, please visit our Push Notification product page or contact us for a conversation.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018 engaging your mobile consumers!


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