A Strong Mobile Presence Doesn’t Require an App, Here’s Why

September 18, 2018 Vibes Marketing

A Strong Mobile Presence Doesn’t Require an App, Here’s Why

Just a few short years ago, having a “mobile presence” was far from a requirement. Only the most savvy brands with the biggest budgets knew what that presence looked like and how to leverage it.

Today, it’s a different story. More than half of all worldwide online traffic comes from activity on mobile devices. People are using their smartphones as personal assistants: they search for local businesses, get recommendations, and visit websites.

So even if you can’t afford to develop a mobile app, there are so many other ways to leverage mobile marketing and have a mobile presence...and so many reasons to do so.

A Strong Mobile Presence Doesn’t Require an App, Here’s Why

Mobile Search Looks Different Than Desktop Search

Most businesses don’t realize that they might rank differently in mobile search results than on desktop search results. In fact, 79% of search listings do vary between the two. That means your SEO approach for mobile needs to be a bit different from what you’ve been doing.

First, optimize for voice search, because many mobile users speak their search request. So rather than typing in “NYC steakhouse reviews,” a user might ask, “what’s the best steakhouse in Manhattan?” Incorporating this conversational type of keyword phrase means you’ll capture more search results.

Next, optimize local keywords that identify your location. Google prioritizes local search results, so you’re more likely to end up higher in results if you use, for example, “Manhattan steakhouse” as part of your keyword strategy.

Fast Mobile Sites Win the Race

The average mobile page takes 15 seconds to load, and yet mobile users are impatient and want access sooner. Simply having a responsive website doesn’t guarantee that your pages will load quickly or that you’ll keep people engaged on your mobile site.

Input your website into Google’s free Speed Scorecard to see how fast your mobile site loads. If it’s slow, take a look at Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages tool, designed to give mobile site visitors a fast-loading engaging version of your website. Realize that you might not need all the bells and whistles on the mobile version of your website; instead, focus on what someone searching on a mobile device will be most interested in.

Being Where Your Audience Is = Winning for All

American adults are spending about 3.5 hours a day on their mobile devices. They’re spending 90% of that time on their top five apps. The question is: why would marketers ignore that fact?

Mobile marketing provides so many ways to connect with consumers on digital devices, and you don’t even need to invest in a mobile app to reach them.

Location-based services help you connect with shoppers at an opportune moment (when they’re in proximity to your store) with offers that will compel them to shop with your brand. Push notifications keep your brand top-of-mind with your audience and can inspire them to take advantage of promotions. And mobile wallet provides your brand with the opportunity to attract repeat business through digital loyalty programs.

The key to having your audience use your mobile marketing platforms is providing value. That comes from paying attention to analytics and customer behavior to understand what offers and promotions they’re redeeming and using that data to shape future mobile marketing campaigns.

Connecting the Dots from Mobile to Other Platforms is Essential

Yes, mobile use has become ubiquitous, but that in no way means you should forsake other marketing tools you’re using that have proven effective. Instead, find ways to connect mobile to digital and even offline marketing channels to provide a synchronistic experience for your audience.

Use in-store signage to encourage shoppers to sign up for your text message marketing offers. Promote your mobile wallet offers on social media. Send easy-to-follow instructions for joining your loyalty program via email. When your audience receives multiple messages from you — across various platforms — they’ll really engage with your brand.

Having a solid mobile presence is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a requirement. Stay on top of how your brand is found and perceived on mobile devices, and ensure that the experience is a positive one.

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