Are Mobile Apps Still Effective for Brands?

April 19, 2017 Vibes

In 2008, Apple introduced the smartphone app, forever changing the way we get information, stay connected and make purchases. As we approach 10 years of apps, it raises the question: Are consumers still app-crazy?

Not quite — 65 percent of smartphone users downloaded zero new apps over an average three-month period, according to comScore. The waning influence of apps is consistent with findings from our recently released 2017 Mobile Consumer Report, but there is still plenty of value to be gained from apps.

Here are three things we learned about apps from surveying more than 2,000 consumers:

  • Reasons for deleting apps vary by generation. Click to tweet. We found younger consumers tend to delete apps to save on storage space, whereas older consumers do due to lack of use. Knowing your app’s audience can shape your mobile engagement; for instance, if your users skew older, consider using push notifications to remind them to use the app.
  • Many consumers want to hear from their favorite brands every day on mobile. Click to tweet. Speaking of push notifications…nearly half of consumers (46 percent) want to receive push notifications from their favorite brands once or twice a day. Your loyal customers want to have daily interactions with you, as if you’re a friend or family member — be sure to take advantage.
  • Retail apps aren’t in heavy rotation. Click to tweet. While there is so much focus on getting consumers to download your app, the reality is even if they download it they don’t use it all that much. Just 23 percent of consumers use apps from brands and retailers often, whereas they use banking, media and radio apps much more frequently.

Curious for more insights into what consumers think of apps? Download the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report.


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