Attention Marketers: Vibes’ 2017 Mobile Consumer Report is Here!

March 29, 2017 Vibes News

Four years ago, we introduced our first Mobile Consumer Report to help marketers better understand how to engage consumers on their most personal devices. Since then, we’ve tracked the evolution of these consumer mobile preferences each year, ensuring marketers can keep a pulse on these ever-changing opinions.

Today, we’re excited to release a new trove of fresh data with the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report. Our fourth annual report on mobile consumer behavior is chock-full of the latest insights into consumer opinions and preferences for interacting with brands across various smartphone channels. SMS marketing was the entry point into mobile marketing, but the advent of smartphones enables brands to now engage consumers across a number of channels, including apps and push notifications, mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Android Pay, mobile ads and chatbots.

While we encourage you to download the full 2017 Mobile Consumer Report, we wanted to share some of our favorite findings to help inform your mobile marketing strategy. Here’s a few things we learned after surveying 2,000 consumers about their smartphone usage across the U.S.:

  • Consumers want in on the chatbot craze. Click to tweet. While chatbots are certainly the most buzzed about mobile touchpoint in some time, it appears the hype is justified. Our data revealed over 60 percent of consumers would feel comfortable talking with a chatbot, yet only 22 percent have actually done so. That suggests a lack of opportunity that brands should look to fill quickly. (P.S. We’re doing a webinar on this very topic tomorrow. Register here!)
  • Personalization is becoming the expectation on mobile — and there are consequences if this expectation is not met. Click to tweet. It makes sense that consumers would want personalization on their most personal devices. Mobile engagement needs to be engaging, and for many consumers, that means messages take into account their locations, preferences and past purchases, as well as personal celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries. A lack of personally relevant information is the second-leading reason consumers unsubscribe from a brand on their phones, indicating consumers are developing a quicker trigger for brands that neglect this.
  • Demand for mobile engagement is high — and the rewards for brands are immense. Click to tweet. Across the board, consumers are eager for brands to embrace mobile innovation. For instance, 70 percent of consumers would have a more positive view of any brand that let them save their loyalty card to their phones — an 8 percent increase from Vibes’ 2016 Mobile Consumer Report. More and more, consumers want the convenience and value that mobile provides in their everyday lives to extend to their interactions with brands.

There’s plenty more for you to chew on in the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report. Download your free copy — your customers will thank you.


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