Customer Experience + Data: The Key to Delivering Your Customers What They Want Before Anyone Else

June 11, 2019 Andres De La Rosa

Customer Experience + Data: The Key to Delivering Your Customers What They Want Before Anyone Else

Learn more from customers. 

Today, this industry-wide initiative sits at the top of every successful marketers agenda. Customer Experience (CX) has barreled its way to the forefront of the marketing status quo. If you’re struggling to see why this trend is booming, consider this: your customers are your key differentiators. Your competitors cannot leverage your customers successestheir feedbackor have the insight into what they might be looking for next. Only you have that luxury.  

Its becoming increasingly important that you turn your focus towards optimizing CX - when customers have a great experience, they’re willing to pay up to a 16% price premium. That means they’re paying for 1) The value your product provides themand 2) Every helpful interaction that allowed your customer to reach their goals easier than any other brand. 

So how do you know that you’re doing enough to meet your customers needs? More importantly, how do you shape your brand to grow alongside customer interests and capture every bit of revenue along the way?  

The answers sit in customer experience-related data.  

Customer Experience + Data: The Key to Delivering Your Customers What They Want Before Anyone Else

Gartner says that by 2020, more than 40% of all data analytics projects will relate to an aspect of customer service. This pursuit seeks to capture insight into not just when, where, and how customers interact with your brand, but how they feel when doing soIn almost every interaction with your brand, customers are testing if they can trust you to keep them updated on new trends, flavors, styles, and products. Customer experience is based in developing trust between you and your customers, and if managed properly, you reap the rewards of satisfied customers and massive ROI.  

Customer experience-related data is derived from interactions between brands and consumers. At Vibes, billions of these interactions occur every month through our messaging channels — and the insight we pick up on will help you tackle one of the industry’s fastest growing trends. 

Here’s how you can do it: 

Using Vibes Conversational Analytics to Understand Customer Experience 

Available through Vibes Advanced Analytics, Conversational Analytics, our natural language processing solution, allows you to mine insights from all of the messages that your customers text back to your shortcode. Many of these messages are populated with questions and comments about products, deals, or customers’ online orders. By analyzing the messages that subscribers’ text in, we can identify patterns in what consumers want to accomplish via SMS and help you set up useful, personalized responses to their questions.  

Here’s an example: we work with an auto insurance company that uses SMS to communicate updates on customers insurance claimsBy using Conversational Analytics, we found that customers were asking about estimated costs of car fixes, making sure claim photos were accepted, and requesting an update about their payment cycle and if their payment was due.  

While the industry’s focus shifts to building a more seamless multichannel customer experience, we saw in Conversational Analytics an opportunity for marketers to analyze customer SMS responses in highly efficient way and replace a typical “does not compute”-like response to users’ text-ins with an intelligent response that helps customers accomplish their goals and increase retention and eventual revenue.  

In the analysis below, the three-digit numbers represent topics that you can view in our Advanced Analytics platform. Between these numbers are words that Conversational Analytics identified and grouped together to help marketers see patterns in what consumers are responding back to their SMS messages. This helped our client understand what information consumers wanted to receive through the SMS channel and has helped this brand respond to these messages at scale. 


  The company could then set up campaigns to automate responses based on these patterns. 

Being able to quickly interpret and analyze customers’ responses to your texts opens the door to more impactful conversations, where you can tie in updates on new features, sales events, or service updates like loyalty status or order confirmation.  

Ultimately, Conversational Analytics allows marketers to spend less time parsing data and more time delivering meaningful customer experiences. 

Using Customer Experience Data to Improve Your Engagement Strategy 

Now that you have access to the data behind these customer responses, you can start to respond ipersonalized, targeted ways that create immense value for customers.  

One way? Set up broadcast campaigns in the Vibes platform to respond automatically to certain words that customers text in. If a customer texts, "do you have any more deals," you can set automated broadcasts to respond to the word “deals” and send a link to more content, or direct subscribers to the sales section of your website. This SMS capability is unique to Vibes and will allow you to create a trusted two-way communication cadence that helps your customers make purchases easier. 

As the industry works to streamline meaningful customer experiences, you can begin to alleviate customer concerns and deliver solutions that drive spend, loyalty, and customer retention all through the SMS messaging channel. 

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