Drive Higher Customer Acquisition with New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics

June 21, 2018 Maria Gianotti

If there’s a magic wand when it comes to mobile marketing these days, it’s analytics and insights. Being able to dive into data about consumer behavior helps marketers better strategize for future campaigns.

Drive Higher Customer Acquisition with New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics

Recently, Vibes’ own Dave Panek, Vice President of Product Marketing, was joined by Vijay Anand, Vice President of Product Marketing at MicroStrategy, to discuss what marketing analytics can do for mobile, as well as provide a glimpse into our new partnership with MicroStrategy in the webinar How New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics Can Help You Drive Higher Customer Acquisition.

Vibes + MicroStrategy: Best-in-Class Mobile Analytics

We recently announced our partnership with MicroStrategy, a leading global provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software. Our Advanced Analytics performance management solution uses the MicroStrategy 10™ platform to help you get access to in-depth customized reporting and insights into your mobile campaigns.

The partnership has created a flexible self-service analytics platform capable of optimal performance at any scale. As for the outcome? Vibes customers are over the moon at how we’ve helped them achieve meaningful results:


Drive Higher Customer Acquisition with New Insights in Mobile Marketing Analytics

What You Need to Know About the Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform

Our mobile marketing platform enables brands like yours to engage 1:1 with hyper-connected mobile consumers at scale. We have four key areas that help you achieve this.

Multichannel: Gives you the ability to manage deep relationships across tools, whether that’s text messaging (SMS/MMS), push notifications, or mobile wallet.

Orchestration: Not only are you able to create interactions within a single channel, but with the Mobile Engagement Platform, you can also connect the dots across channels to develop seamless conversations, no matter what channel your audience uses.

Personalization: By developing content that is nurtured and catered to each individual, as well as creating the right message at the right mobile moment, you can better engage your audience.

Analytics and Insights: Not only gives you access to past historical trends, but also allows you to use those insights to drive influence and optimize for future campaigns. That’s where our Advanced Analytics tool comes into play.

Today’s Marketer is Data-Savvy

Vijay Anand contributed to the conversation by stating that today’s marketers are data-informed, and know that having access to analytics is their best key to success. They need instant visibility into what’s working and what’s not, and executives want tangible metrics to measure marketing.

When marketers have access to tools like Vibes’ Advanced Analytics, they can get real-time insight into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and spend. They can also make adjustments based on predictive modeling rather than reacting after the fact.

As an interactive part of the webinar, attendees were asked what they were most interested in in terms of mobile analytics:

  • 31.3% desired mobile campaign performance details

  • 18.8% wanted more data on customer insights

  • 18.8% valued purchasing behavior information

  • 31.3% wanted all of these, plus data on customer lifetime analysis

From these results, it’s clear that today’s marketer values insights and analytics far more than in the past.

Mobile Marketing and Analytics Are a Winning Combination

Vibes Advanced Analytics, powered by MicroStrategy, helps you source real-time, actionable intelligence of your mobile consumers across their buying journey. When you’re armed with the right data, you can create a relevant and engaging mobile experience, as well as highly-individualized context-aware interactions. You are also able to leverage the most optimal mobile channel to convey your message.

When it comes to driving customer engagement, you can create your own adventure. If you’re new to mobile marketing, your focus might be on subscriber growth, or if you’ve already secured a solid subscriber base, you can put your attentions on building loyalty or driving in-store purchases. Whatever your focus, our Advanced Analytics platform helps you measure efforts toward your goals.

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Maria Gianotti is the Director of Demand Generation at Vibes. She's passionate about growth marketing and educating other marketers on the tremendous potential of mobile. Currently, Maria serves on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association's San Francisco Chapter as 2019 President-Elect.

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