Drive Mobile App Engagement With a Push Notification Strategy

July 24, 2018 Rebecca Walker

Drive Mobile App Engagement With a Push Notification Strategy

A study by technology solutions services provider Asurion found that Americans check their smartphones 80 times a day on average. That’s more than 29,000 opportunities each year that marketers have to engage their audience through push notifications. App-centric brands like retailers, ecommerce, and restaurants — to name a few — can use these opportunities to drive consumers into their app to make a purchase or take an action by using push notifications.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are triggered messages that pop up on the mobile screen and promote usage of the mobile app. Notifications can also live within the app itself, or the app’s message center or app inbox, enabling your audience to access the message at any time. Push notifications can include media or sounds and link directly to a specific place within your brand’s app.

How to Use Push Notification Marketing

While there are many ways you can market using push notifications, here are four examples of how your brand can engage app users:

  • Notify your customers of a new designer home decor line before general release to garner excitement and pre-orders

  • Send a picture of food to app users to promote ordering via the app

  • Alert your customer to her abandoned cart that links to directly to checkout to make purchase easy

  • Share a gif on Monday morning with an offer to earn bonus loyalty points when purchasing breakfast with coffee

Implement a Push Notification Marketing Strategy

Targeting your customers is key to sending successful push messages—send the right person the right message at the right time. Start by segmenting your audience based on preferences, behaviors, or other identifiers. Then use triggers, such as location, purchase intent, or time, to maximize engagement and drive app opens. Finally, make sure your content speaks directly to the audience and inspires action.

Looking back at the mobile app food ordering example, you could target that message in two ways: one message could include an offer to customers that haven’t visited your restaurant recently to re-engage and another could be to frequent visitors to remind them of the daily special.

Analyze Push Notification Engagement

Understanding how your push notification marketing strategy is performing is important for determining success as well as planning future campaigns. Some important metrics to track are:

  • Organic open: The number of times your app is opened. Use this metric for a high-level understanding of app usage and benchmarking.

  • Direct open: The number of times someone taps on the push notification to open the app. Use this metric to understand which messages received the highest engagement.

  • Direct open rate: The number of taps divided by the number of notifications sent. Use this metric to analyze against other marketing channels.

  • Failure: The number of messages that were not delivered to an app user. Use this metric to understand how your messages impact notification disablement.

Use these metrics and dig in at the user-level to analyze app engagement and how it impacts your bottom line.

For more information on how you can use the Vibes platform to execute and analyze your engagement strategy, check out Vibes Push.

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