E-commerce is winning—are you?

February 28, 2019 Andres De La Rosa

The retail industry is…complicated. Direct to consumer (D2C) retailers changed the way brands and consumers interact by streamlining a frictionless digital-first buying experience. Now, troves of consumers run to digitally native D2C companies to make purchases; but are also taking advantage of D2C brick and mortar locations for a compelling shopping experience.

As for traditional retailers, many are seeing reduced store-by-store traffic and rely on online shopping experiences that lack end-to-end personalization and convenience for shoppers.  

But where many traditional retailers see challenges—many see opportunity.

If you want to win in the digitally-integrated age of commerce, you must adopt a data-driven approach to start connecting with your audience.  

Digital channels grant shoppers 24/7 access to purchasing, and with this, comes non-sequential buying journeys. A shopper might click on your message or link, go back and forth between products, add and remove items to and from their cart, and many times, leave a full cart sitting for days before purchasing an item; for you, an unorganized and messy journey to pull insights from. Digital, and more importantly mobile purchasing channels give consumers full control of their journey— and that can be difficult to manage.

Say hello to E-commerce Tagging: a way for retailers to track their customers’ digital shopping behaviors and learn which mobile campaigns see the highest return, identify any hiccups in the online buying journey, and grow their digital success.

Here’s how E-commerce Tagging can streamline your digital growth: 

  • Capturing Post-Click Engagement Data: Have a clear view of how your campaigns affect consumer behavior. Know what items your customers are adding to their carts, what they removed; their purchases and even refunds—all related to a specific mobile message.  
  • Analyze Campaign ROI: The battle to understand which campaigns drive even 1% more ROI is invaluable. E-commerce Tagging tracks where you’re seeing the highest returns on your campaigns so you can double-down on messaging that drives revenue.
  • Enhance Retargeting: Retarget customers based on engagement and conversion data. For example, send a targeted mobile campaign to customers who haven’t purchased in the last six months or segment customers who usually buy one product per visit and entice them with an offer to spend more!
  • Drive Cart Conversions: Shoppers who abandon full carts might be only one engagement away from purchasing. With E-commerce Tagging, you can automatically trigger cart-abandonment messages on your mobile web page to increase conversions!

The most successful retailers today create a connected and seamless buying journey; one populated with relevant content and guided by insights gained from shoppers’ purchasing behavior and history. If you want to win in the new digital-first landscape, you have to take advantage of the data. With this, and now AI-Driven Marketing, you can start to understand why your customers’ make the choices they do—and have the upper-hand in scaling your commerce growth.

 Learn more about how you can use fresh insights to create compelling customer experiences and start driving revenue here!

About the Author

Andres De La Rosa

A member of the Product Marketing team at Vibes, Andres De La Rosa works to share growth-enabling insights with those recognizing mobile potential. He is dedicated to bringing others a clear perspective on evolving mobile benefits.

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