Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox with Mobile

June 5, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox

Do you ever feel like your interoffice emails get ignored? Do you feel like the only way to get your employees’ attention is to stand in the middle of the office and shout? Before you do that, try some of the following innovative mobile solutions guaranteed to engage your staff and make the workplace a little more fun.

Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox

Cut Down on Phone Calls and Emails with SMS/MMS

If you have a receptionist, she likely spends part of her day calling employees to notify them that they have a visitor at the front desk, or to let someone know that she has a package to pick up. That receptionist would be more productive if she could cut down (or even eliminate) some of that busywork, and SMS/MMS can help.

When a visitor arrives in the welcome area, she can sign in on an iPad at the front desk, including her name and who she’s there to visit. The iPad takes a photo of her and instantly texts the employee she’s visiting. That employee can meet her at the front desk.

The same goes for packages. Without having to track down an employee, the receptionist can send a text notifying her that there’s a package or delivery waiting for her.

Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox

Increase Inclusion From Day 1

Being a new hire is stressful, and onboarding one is, too. But both sides can have an easier time of it with technology. A text to all employees notifying them of a new hire, including her photo and title, can encourage staff to greet her when they see her in the halls.

Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox

Incorporate Mobile into HR and Onboarding

Mobile is also great in the onboarding and training process, and can make for a smoother transition for new hires. Sending a welcome text on their first day, you can include important information, such as address of the office and location for HR, as well as point of contact and other details. You can send a link via SMS to your digital employee handbook for a new hire to review in advance.

Keep Employees in the Know For Important Updates with Wallet or SMS

You can also continually engage staff (new and old) by sending alerts to them via SMS or MMS announcing news, product launches, and important content you don’t want them to miss. While the emails in their inboxes may be piling up, they’re less likely to ignore a text.

Another way to keep staff informed is through mobile wallet. By enabling a pass on their devices, employees will receive a wallet notification with emergency alerts, product updates, and other up-to-the-minute information.

Engage Your Team Outside of the Inbox


Because you as the employer can keep updating that pass to include the latest announcement, it’s an easy and cost-effective way to get in front of your employees.

Inject a Little Fun in the Office

Lest your staff start expecting only business-focused communications from you via mobile, mix things up now and then! Text your staff a photo of a gnome and play a “where’s the gnome” game, where the employee to find him wins a prize.

Or you can include interesting facts about different employees and send those via mobile wallet, rather like baseball trading cards. Now employees know each other better and can connect in person more easily.

Mobile communication really is the future (or even, the present) for the workplace. It helps your business engage staff in creative ways that they actually sit up and pay attention to, and you can do so without breaking the bank. How will you incorporate mobile messaging into your office operations?

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