Everything You Need to Know to Use Coupons in Your Mobile Strategy

August 22, 2017 Vibes

Ah, couponing. Saving money became uber cool a few years ago when the show Extreme Couponing came out. Since then, we’ve seen the industry take an interesting turn: toward digital and even mobile.

What It Is

Rather than having to cut out paper coupons, consumers can now save them to their phones for in-store redemption at stores such as retailers or quick service restaurants.

The benefit to mobile coupons is that shoppers never forget them at home. Even if they hadn’t planned to visit your store on a shopping trip, if the coupon pops up when they’re within proximity to you, you’re more likely to get a sale than if you didn’t use mobile coupons as a promotions strategy.

Why Mobile Coupons Need to Be Integrated Into Your Marketing Strategy

Where a lot of marketers go wrong is in trying to separate mobile from the rest of their marketing strategy. Instead, you’ll get better results if you incorporate it into all facets of your marketing in order to drive in-store visits and conversions for your brand.

The fact that mobile is everywhere and that customers are constantly on their phones means they’re carrying around your best marketing tool. Put the deal — that offer, coupon, or promotion — right in their hands and in front of their faces. But make sure they can get it in a variety of ways because everyone uses mobile differently. Some people prefer to download a brand’s app, or a coupon app. Others want push notifications, or use their mobile wallets to get offers from brands. Still others rely on social media, websites, and emails to scour offers they want to take advantage of.

Next, we’ll look at how you can leverage different channels to ensure that you cover all your bases.

The Channels You Can Offer Coupons Through

Because there are so many channels you can provide coupons through, you can reach a wider swath of customers, depending on how they like to receive offers.

SMS/MMS: If you have a mobile database of opted-in subscribers, you can send coupons directly to them via text. Keep the offer short and sweet, and include a coupon code that cashiers can enter at checkout, or a URL that will take subscribers to a QR code that cashiers can scan.

Mobile Wallet: Today’s mobile user wants access to personalized offers and coupons. In fact, 66% of consumers are likely to save those offers to their mobile wallets to redeem later.

Push Notifications: When consumers see a message from your brand pop up on their phones, they’re likely to open the notification to see your coupon. And consumers want push notifications from you: 46% want to hear from brands every day, giving you ample opportunity to keep sending offers.

Email: More than half of emails are opened on a mobile device rather than a desktop, which makes email a fantastic channel to send coupons. Include a barcode for easy scanning at checkout.

Social Media: Consumers scour social media, looking for the best deals, so don’t overlook your Twitter and Facebook pages as a resource for posting coupons.

Web Pages: Sharing coupons on your blog or a coupon aggregate website like RetailMeNot will boost redemption numbers even more.

Who Are the Players in This Space?

It should be no surprise that Google and Apple are the two big dogs in the mobile wallet space. With an increasing number of smartphone consumers actively using either Android Pay and Apple Wallet for purchases, there’s a great opportunity to leverage other features of the mobile wallet, such as coupons, tickets, and promotions. At this point, 38% of consumers use the non-payment features of the mobile wallet, and that number will only grow as more brands learn to provide valuable offers.

Through the mobile wallet, consumers can save coupons and offers from retailers to that digital wallet. As long as that offer stays in the wallet, you as the brand can continually update the offer to deliver new and appealing promotions to your audience.

How Can You Incorporate Coupons into Your Mobile Strategy?

It’s easier than you think. With Vibes’ Mobile Marketing Engagement Platform, you can create appealing offers and send them at scale to your audience.

Start by downloading our free 2017 Mobile Wallet Guide to learn about mobile trends, as well as see how we have helped major brands engage their customers and boost mobile conversions. Mobile coupons absolutely should be part of your marketing strategy, and we’re here to help.


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