Exciting Trends in Mobile Marketing Personalization

October 12, 2017 Vibes Marketing

As we hear more and more about personalization when it comes to mobile marketing, we’re beginning to see some really innovative and exciting trends in this space. Here are a few of the noteworthy trends happening in personalization, as well as how you can leverage each for your brand.

  1. Machines are Learning Consumers’ Preferences

Whether it’s an ecommerce platform that assesses shoppers’ buying patterns to suggest other products they might be interested in (Amazon’s cornered the market on this skill) or a chatbot that learns a customer’s habits to predict what they might want assistance with, machine learning is huge right now.

Using advanced analytics and predictive data, brands are able to see patterns in purchases and mobile activity to deliver personalized mobile marketing content.

How to Implement It: You’ve already got data on your customer base, including which mobile offers they’re redeeming, how often they save coupons to their mobile wallets, and what they’re buying. Leverage this information to automate personalized content through the mobile channel they prefer most.

  1. Loyalty Programs are No Longer One-Size-Fits-All

If each of your customers is unique, it stands to reason that their loyalty experience with your brand should be, too. And yet, currently, only 11% of loyalty programs personalize offers based on consumers’ purchases and preferences. This is changing, especially with the growing popularity of mobile rewards programs, which are seeing a higher redemption rate than their plastic card predecessors.

How to Implement It: To foster long-term loyalty with your customers, use data from your CRM to provide each customer with loyalty rewards they are most likely to want. For example, some might prefer to get a large discount on a future purchase, while others would like a free gift or money back.

  1. Segmentation is Now De Rigueur

In the early days of mobile marketing, the only option was to mass message all mobile subscribers with the same offer. But as technology has changed — including that machine learning we’ve already discussed — there is now no reason why retailers can’t deliver highly personalized mobile content based on customer segments.

Brands can segment on a variety of criteria, including demographics, past purchases, location, and online behavior, and can create as many different offers or promotions as necessary to provide the most value and appeal to each segment.

How to Implement It: Record as much customer data as possible so that you maximize the information you have available to help with segmentation. In your CRM platform, tag customer profiles using this criteria, then parse your messages out to each segment.

  1. Personalization Can Now Be Location-Based

Not only can brands push notifications out to mobile users who are geographically close to their locations, but they can even personalize the offers based on where consumers are. Being able to glean, for example, that a mobile subscriber is at a nearby restaurant midday, a coffee shop brand could send an offer for a post-lunch dessert at a discount. Or if a subscriber is at a kids’ gym, a toy store could send a coupon for active play equipment.

How to Implement It: Go beyond just assuming anyone near your store will respond to an offer. Consider time of day and where a shopper is to create really personalized offers that will make them stop, take notice, then drive your way to redeem.

  1. Chatbots are Becoming Retailers’ Personal Butlers

We touched on chatbots earlier, but they bear more recognition. Rather than having humans chatting with customers for the most basic customer service requests (i.e. what’s my account balance? I’m looking for a red sweater. Can you book my ticket?), chatbots are now filling the role.

While some brands have their own labeled chat platform, others are leveraging existing messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to connect with the millions of users on those platforms.

How to Implement It: To take your customer service to the next level while leveraging marketing automation, look into how you can incorporate chatbots to not only address customer questions but also upsell and suggest products to buy.

There’s no doubt that personalization is the future of all marketing, not just mobile. We’ll continue to keep our finger on the pulse so that you have access to the latest trends and can use them to your brand’s benefit.


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