Finding the Perfect Match - Employee Edition

September 6, 2019 Jared Shay

Engineering manager Jared Shay on why he joined Vibes 

I'm a relatively new addition to the Vibes team. As of writing this, I am just starting my 5th week. I joined as an engineering manager to work on the Vibes platformbefore this I was working in San Francisco for Zendesk. When I left Zendesk I was in a very fortunate position where I could take my time and be selective in where I decided to work next. The decision really came down to two key things – the people and the opportunity – and Vibes was a perfect fit.  

The people 

This is always number one for me. Even when I wasn't managing teams, I was still far more invested in the people I work with than the code I wrote. As an engineerI love coming into work and being surrounded by smart and motivated people. When I saw the technology that Vibes was building and when I heard stories like Trevor Beuthel's nomination for Data Science manager of the yearI knew this box was ticked.  

HoweverI ultimately viewed that as a bonus. What I was really looking for, and what in my mind makes Vibes stand out, is that the people are professional, caring, and respectful. Having that as a foundation, which is reflected in our core values, not only makes Vibes a place I enjoy coming into work every dayit gives me a high degree of confidence we'll solve the problems we're working on solving. Which leads me to the next reason I decided to join Vibes.

The opportunities 

I knew that the next position I wanted had to involve working on interesting technical challenges. Interesting, for me, meant scale. Scaling the teams, scaling the tech, and scaling the vision.  

Vibes is a very established company. It offers an innovative suite of marketing solutions that are industry proven by some of the biggest brands out there. Very recently Vibes was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Marketing Platforms. Out of those featured on the quadrant, Vibes is the only one to greatly improve its position and enter the “Leaders” category. From an engineering perspective, taking a company with such a strong foot hold in the industry and pushing it to the next level presents an amazingly unique opportunity. It means you can focus on the next big thing, put in the ground work, and then move quickly.  

Vibes isn't struggling to gain recognition. That battle has been fought and won. Now we get to be thoughtful and measured and proactive in our approach to take the business to the next level.  

Vibes is perfectly positioned to take its success to new heights. It has the people, it has the technology, and if you're interested in joining us, it can have you to. Check out our open opportunities here to join us on our journey! 

About the Author

Jared Shay

Jared is an Engineering manager at Vibes. He oversees the platform teams where he is focused on predictability and scale and is passionate about cultivating a workplace where individuals and teams can thrive.

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