Gear Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Toward Back-to-School Shoppers with These Tips

August 7, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Last year, back-to-school shoppers spent an average of $687, a number that has steadily risen in recent years. This retail audience is ripe for the picking this time of year, and your mobile marketing strategy should be aligned to make the most of this shopping season.

Gear Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Toward Back-to-School Shoppers with These Tips

Here are a few ideas you can implement to attract shoppers to your stores using mobile marketing.

1. Take Advantage of That Frenzied Shopping Trip

It might surprise you, but 57% of back-to-school shoppers make their purchases in brick-and-mortar stores over online. This might be due to fantastic sales or kids wanting to try out backpacks and shoes before committing.

Many parents try to get all their shopping done in one day, which is great if you use geolocation services to reach them. When they’re within proximity to your store, send out an irresistible offer that will cause them to make a beeline for your location.

Families with multiple children will be drawn in by buy-one-get-one-free offers or free gifts with purchase. Also consider offering a sizeable dollar amount off of a large purchase ($50 off of $175).

2. Drive Sales During Calm Periods

Back-to-school sales are at a peak July 24 to August 26, and from 11 am to 3 pm weekdays and 10 am to 1 pm on weekends. You’ve got no problem making sales then, but what about the other times?

You could send text offers redeemable only, say, after 4 pm to drive traffic to stores when you know there’s a lull.

3. Appeal to the Kids

Don’t overlook the most obvious key to getting people in the store: the back-to-schoolers themselves. 45% of children aged 10-12 have a smartphone. Give them a reason to flock to your store, and they’ll bring their credit card-wielding parents with them.

Create stations in your store where they can interact with augmented reality to have a mini fashion shoot, or set up a scavenger hunt to keep them busy while their parents do the hard work of shopping.

4. Let Them Try it On Virtually

Take a note from Amazon’s newest augmented reality feature, which allows shoppers to see how a product would look in their homes. Apply it to back-to-school shopping and your soon-to-be college student can see what her dorm room will look like with a fuzzy pillow and pink comforter.

Giving shoppers the ability to see what a product looks like in a space can help them understand whether it’s right for them, and can minimize returns.

5. Connect a Shopping List to Sales

Parents know what they need for each school year: notebooks, pencils, backpack, lunchbox, shoes, clothes. If you have a mobile app, you can encourage them to make a shopping list in it, then send push notifications when an item matching a list item goes on sale. This makes it dead simple to add items to a cart or otherwise make a shopping trip when consumers know that you’ve got the best price on items they want.

6. Step Up Your Mobile SEO and Advertising Game

Don’t overlook putting effort into ensuring your business comes up when shoppers are searching for products on their phones. Incorporating local keywords like the city or even neighborhood your store is located in will help people who are out and shopping find your nearest location.

It may also be worth investing in mobile search ads so that you’re guaranteed to appear in results.

Whether you use some of the above ideas or your own, keep meticulous records of results in terms of conversions and offer redemptions. That way, you’ve already paved the way for next year in knowing which campaigns netted the best results and can put more attention on those mobile marketing strategies.

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