Get Better Insights on Media Buys Through Mobile Messaging

March 13, 2018 Vibes Marketing

Get Better Insights on Media Buys Through Mobile Messaging

In the past, traditional media channels — TV, radio, and print — were frustratingly difficult to track results from. You’d invest tens of thousands of dollars into a television commercial, for example, and yet you could never directly correlate an uptick in business to your investment. But with mobile messaging things have changed.

Thank goodness we don’t live in the Dark Ages of Advertising anymore!

Now we’ve got technology that lets us track ROI and results in an unparalleled manner…and that includes mobile.

Don’t Abandon Traditional Media Buys Just Yet.

Traditional marketing, in some respects, is passive, relying on an emotional connection or clever hook to capture the end user’s attention. However, that’s also where these types of advertising fall short: there is a lack of a strong and immediate call to action (CTA) for a consumer to engage with at that time, as well as an easy way to measure how many people saw the ad then shopped at a store.

…or is there?

Mobile messaging, such as SMS and MMS, it turns out, might just be the solution to help you better track traditional media buys.

Traditional Media, Meet Mobile.

We might be a little biased here at Vibes, but we think mobile messaging is a fantastic tool. Not only is it the preferred communication channel of consumers, but also it can also be used by marketers to gain better insights on their advertising efforts.


Marketers can use SMS or short codes and keywords as a way to better track traditional media buys.

-A magazine ad could say, Text IWIN to 35864 to be entered to win an iPad!

-A TV commercial could say, Text COUPS to 88356 to save 20% on your first order.

-A radio commercial might tell listeners, Text RADIO to 44219 to get the latest product releases.

When a consumer texts the short code with the keyword, they are entered into your mobile database. And the best part? You have trackable proof that your traditional media buy is working.

What to Do with the Data

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen in marketing — mobile and otherwise — is when marketers simply ignore the data they’re given. They’re overwhelmed with the amount of information and have no clue what to do with it.

It’s all a matter of making friends with the insights that your mobile marketing campaign gives you. In the case of using short codes and keywords combined with traditional advertising, you want to pay attention to a few key things:

  • Redemption rate
  • How quickly people subscribed (particularly for timely ads on TV and radio)
  • Opt-out rate
  • Time between subscribing and redeeming
  • Channel with best/worst results

But what do you do with this information, you ask? You use it to shape future ad and marketing campaigns. If your iPad giveaway wasn’t a smashing success, try a different prize. If the radio ad didn’t attract as many subscribers as you hoped, try a different channel with your advertising dollars.  If the 20% off promotion went off like gangbusters, do more like that.

Every data point is an indicator of what’s working and what’s not in reaching your intended audience. Pay attention to both the offer and the channel and tweak your efforts accordingly. NOTE: change just one thing from campaign to campaign so you know what moved the needle. Rather than modifying both the offer and the channel, just modify the offer to begin with, then compare results between two campaigns before making other changes.

Traditional advertising isn’t dead, by a long shot. Combined with mobile messaging, it can be a highly effective means of connecting with your audience on a variety of channels.


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