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Here are 6 Ways SMS and MMS Marketing Drive Sales

While mobile marketing is certainly pushing in interesting directions these days, something must be said about the solid results that SMS and MMS marketing — also known as text message marketing — continue to deliver.

Texting is huge: people send 5x more texts than phone calls every day, and they’re receptive to getting marketing offers through this channel. Even for those without smartphones or mobile wallets, text offers give them the chance to save with retailers from the convenience of their phones.

For brands, it’s a no-brainer: because texting is by far the most popular feature of a mobile device, you can reach consumers where they’re spending significant time. Need more reasons to launch a SMS or MMS mobile marketing campaign? Here you go.

  1. Adding Visuals, Audio, or Video Enhances Results

While your basic SMS campaign can be text only, many brands are seeing even better results by adding in photos, sound, and video to offer texts. Consumers are more likely to engage with multimedia messages, whether that requires them to click to view a video or scan a QR code to enter to win a prize, and conversions can be as high at 30-50% better than with SMS alone.

And the majority of phones that have SMS capability also now have MMS functionality, which means you can reach about 100% of the mobile market with your campaign.

  1. Your Audience has Opted In

Whereas advertising or direct mail takes a somewhat scattershot approach to reaching your audience, you know that text message marketing is absolutely targeted because subscribers must opt in to receive your offers. Keep the ability to opt out simple (“text STOP to 3453 to cease offers”) so that subscribers are assured that you won’t take advantage of having an open channel to them without their continued permission.

The more places you encourage your audience to subscribe to your text offers, the larger your SMS database will be. Place signage at checkout, on your website, and via email with an enticing offer to sign up (“text FREEBIE to 3356 to get your first pair of socks free!”).

  1. Emojis Help You Speak Your Customers’ Language

Words alone make it difficult to evoke emotion via a terse text, but emojis have come on the scene to personalize your average text. Brands, even, have hopped on board: their use of emojis in text campaigns has skyrocketed 777% since 2015.

Adding a smiley face or dollar emoji might seem silly, but consider your audience. If they’re using emojis to communicate with friends, you’ll ingratiate yourself with them by being in line with how they communicate.

  1. Mobile CTAs Can Drive Mobile and In-Store Sales

You know the importance of a solid call-to-action (CTA). But consider where it’s seen as part of its success. A consumer reads an email from your brand on her desktop and follows your CTA to “click to save 20%.”

But what if you’re trying to drive in-store or even mobile web or app sales? That CTA should be strategically placed in an SMS or MMS marketing message.

Click to open the app and get BOGO on all jewelry today only.

Show this to the cashier today to save 30% on your purchase.

There’s a sense of immediacy to the offer, and comfort in knowing that all the consumer needs is her phone to access your deals.

  1. Customized Offers Boost ROI

Just like with any mobile marketing strategy, you can personalize the offers you deliver via SMS and MMS based on past purchases, loyalty membership activity, and response to previous offers. Remember: the more you pay attention to your subscriber base’s behavior, the better you can deliver relevant offers that they will redeem in the future.

  1. SMS Offers Have a Sense of Urgency

Most consumers spend their days within arm’s reach of their phones. And 97% read a text message within three minutes of delivery, which means your text message offer will get seen fast, and acted on quickly too. Email, on the other hand, may not be read until the end of the day, or even every few days. But mobile delivers fast action simply because people constantly check their messages.

SMS and MMS marketing works. There’s no question that they should be a part of your overall mobile marketing strategy.