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How 5 Brands Have Mastered the Art of Holiday Mobile Engagement

Now is the time to start making plans for your holiday marketing strategy. This year, it’s more important than ever that you include mobile marketing in that mix. After all, 78% of shoppers will use their phones to help with holiday shopping. If you’re not meeting your audience where they spend time — particularly during this tremendous sales season — then you’re leaving money on the table.

Because so much of a consumer’s holiday preparation involves shopping at stores — both online and off — their phones become valuable resources that they turn to in order to find local promotions and sales, stores with certain products in stock, and loyalty offers with the brands they love. In fact, if you’re looking to drive in-store sales, mobile is a fantastic tool: it can influence about 40% of in-store sales.

Take inspiration from these five brands who have successfully found ways to engage their customers during the holiday season via mobile.

PetSmart: Black Friday Loyalty Teaser

The fact that consumer conversion rates on mobile jump 30% on Black Friday is not lost on PetSmart. The brand came to Vibes to develop a campaign that would reward mobile subscribers with an exclusive — and fun — Black Friday offer.

Subscribers were able to choose their favorite pet and uncover one of three offers. The game was played over 750k times, and saw a redemption rate 5x higher than email coupons for the brand.

Polo: Bridging the Gap Between Online and In-Store Sales

With the flood of digital traffic and sales projected for Q4, The Polo Factory Store wanted to capitalize on mobile traffic and convert it into sales, both online and off. Vibes created a dynamic mobile gift guide for email and SMS subscribers to browse and shop from.

The guide was a success, and helped Polo capture valuable customer data between marketing touch points and in-store purchases. 465k unique users averaging 2.5 visits each made this campaign a noteworthy one.

Sears: Gaming to Grow Its Mobile Database

Sears takes growing its mobile database seriously, and has worked for several years with Vibes to not only leverage mobile wallet marketing but also to launch groundbreaking mobile experiences for better customer engagement. For the holidays, we partnered with Wheel of Fortune to create a ‘Holiday Puzzler’ branded in-app experience for Sears.

The engaging app was featured in circulars, email, text, social, app, and PR programs, and successfully drove app downloads, gameplays, and repeat visits.

The Home Depot: Creating Value Through a Holiday Calendar

Not every mobile move is designed to directly increase sales. The Home Depot launched a holiday campaign designed to make the season a little less overwhelming for its customers. We developed a week-by-week interactive calendar for the holidays, which revealed a new theme, promotions, and educational content.

Even if the focus wasn’t directly sales-related, it served the purpose of boosting revenue. The campaign saw a $3.60 revenue per click to the web experience.

Redbox: Draw Frenzied Fans Through Daily Deals

Redbox lovers know its annual Days of Deals program, which happens during the holidays. We took this popular campaign to the next level by developing an advent calendar. Fans would text in daily to receive a link to the experience, and, with a swipe of a finger, could unwrap the prize of the day and enter to win.

Over 25 days, the campaign saw nearly 4 million entries and 2.7 million promotional codes redeemed.

These campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential you have in capturing the attention of your audience during this year’s critical holiday shopping season.

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