How Important is Personalization on Mobile?

April 12, 2017 Vibes

Personalization has become such a heavily used buzzword in marketing that the mere mention of it often makes marketers’ eyes glaze over. But on smartphones, the most personal device consumers own, engagement needs to be personal to be effective.

One of the major takeaways from our 2017 Mobile Consumer Report was that mobile messaging that is relevant and tailored to the consumer at an individual level has increased in importance. Consumers expect more and have less patience with brands that don’t account for their needs and interests.

Here’s a few insights on this topic we picked up from surveying more than 2,000 consumers:

  • Personalization on mobile builds loyalty and affinity. Click to tweet. When you interact with your customers as humans, they reciprocate. Our data found the overwhelming majority of consumers (83 percent) would have a more positive view of a brand that delivered personalized loyalty messaging, such as points/rewards and birthday/anniversary messages.
  • Failing to personalize on mobile carries consequences. Click to tweet. While we often tout the benefits of personalization, what is the inverse? Our data found 57 percent of consumers unsubscribe from a brand when they don’t receive personally relevant information. Without personalization, you’re actively pushing over half of your mobile subscribers to opt out.
  • Personalized mobile engagement doesn’t always have to come through marketing. Click to tweet. While sending a truly personalized offer is the holy grail of mobile marketing, there are other ways of sending personalized messages on mobile. One is transactional messages (i.e., receiving text alerts with updates on orders from brands). Our 2017 data found three in four consumers ranked these updates as among their top reasons for opting into notifications — a sizable jump from our 2016 Mobile Consumer Report.

Still need some more convincing about the importance of personalization? Download the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report.


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