How Mobile Can Help You Increase Post-Purchase Engagement

July 31, 2017 Vibes

So much attention is put on engaging consumers to make an initial purchase that marketers often forget an equally important task: getting them to stay engaged post-purchase, and to buy again.

But if you play your cards right, your mobile marketing efforts can extend beyond that first sale and create loyal customers.

Extend Transactional Messages Beyond Delivery

While transactional messaging is fantastic for keeping customers engaged through the order fulfillment process, it can also be beneficial afterward.

Following up a few days after an order is delivered to see how the order went is a great way to show you’re being proactive about addressing any customer service issues before they escalate.

You can also send a follow-up SMS to ask customers to rate you, either with a 1-5 scale via text or a link to your Yelp page.

With personalized after-the-purchase text messages, you keep customers engaged with your brand and thinking about it.

Send Targeted Offers

With all the data you have on a given customer, there’s absolutely no reason you would ever have to send a vanilla promotion to anyone. Let’s say Beth just redeemed a 20% off deal through her mobile wallet and bought a pink t-shirt at your boutique. You could send her a promotion for a discount on a skirt that would pair nicely with that shirt, or for buy one, get one free on jewelry. Beth likes this. She feels like you get her.

You can also target the types of offers you send. If a mobile subscriber redeems offers most frequently between 12 and 3, that’s when you should send him more. Or if someone ignores all your percent offers but always redeems the free gift with purchase offers, that’s what you should send more of.

Communicate Via Text

It’s all too easy to ignore emails from brands these days, but consumers are more likely to engage with texts. Give them an option to receive notifications about billing, shipping, and promotions via text. And don’t be shy about using images and video, since they’re more likely to get people’s attention.

Make the Most of the Mobile Wallet

If you have a loyalty rewards program, digitize it so that shoppers can use their mobile wallet to rack up points and redeem offers with your brand. Doing so turns what was a flat, non-engaging plastic loyalty card into a mega marketing machine.

Every time someone saves one of your offers to their mobile wallets, you’re in there until they delete the offer. So you can extend the expiration date, increase the discount, or update the offer entirely in an effort to keep engaging that mobile user.

Use Multiple Touchpoints to Stay Connected

Mobile shouldn’t be your only means of communicating with customers after a purchase. Email remains a valuable marketing tool, as are social media, re-engagement ads, and your blog. When you use them all in tandem to promote a given marketing campaign, you reap even better rewards than if you focused on mobile alone.

Consistent branding and messaging will connect the dots between the different channels, showing your customers that you offer many ways to provide value to them.

Look at Behavior Post-Purchase

As you continue to reach out to customers after purchase, make sure you’re monitoring your analytics to see if your efforts are being appreciated. If you notice a high number of opt-outs for your push notifications or deletions of mobile wallet offers after a purchase, you may be pushing too hard. Pull back and keep measuring.

Keeping customers engaged after a purchase may be easier than before through mobile, though it does require diligence and innovation on your part.


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