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How Money Can't Buy Experiences Will Enhance Your Loyalty Program

Finding new, innovative ways to maximize consumer engagement is key to driving program participation. However, the real challenge lies in discovering which courses of action keeps customers curious and coming back for more.

We recently sat down for a webinar with LEGO’s Senior Manager of VIP Engagement, Tom Kirk, CrowdTwist’s Director of Solutions Architecture, David Rosen, and Vibes’ Director of Campaign Experience, Anna Schlegel, to discuss how the latest relaunch of LEGO’s VIP rewards program is adding value to LEGO’s customer relationships. Here are the highlights.

Loyalty isn’t new to LEGO. Personalization is.

The loyalty concept is nothing new to the LEGO group – in fact, LEGO's VIP rewards program has been in operation since 2010. Prior to the rewards program relaunch, the VIP experience lacked brand engagement and stuck to stale give-and-get offerings.

With the desire to increase customer engagement and enhance their offerings, LEGO relaunched their VIP rewards program in hopes to:

  • Connect their best customers to more of what they love
  • Capture and apply meaningful data to reward individuality
  • Create a seamless loyalty program experience

Stepping Toward Loyalty Success

Relaunching the VIP rewards program gave LEGO the opportunity to increase shopper value and provide their customers a completely unique experience. With the help from CrowdTwist’s loyalty solution, LEGO utilized predictive analytics and AI technology to help deepen the B2C relationship.

Their partnership aimed to bring customers closer to the brand through personalized content that piqued individual interested and offered new program functionality. But how could LEGO uncover additional value and create further opportunities to connect with their loyal customers? 

By going mobile.

Customers Want Money-Can't-Buy Experiences

Engaged customers are undoubtedly the most loyal customers making it a no-brainer for LEGO to jump right into the realms of mobile marketing. Turning to mobile communication methods not only allows marketers to meet the demands of the digital era, it also allows marketers to instantly connect with customers.

LEGO’s partnership with Vibes’ mobile integration allowed LEGO to utilize experiential rewards to drive customer loyalty and increase customer engagement. With the help from Vibes and the specific aim to offer exclusive money-can't-buy experiences, LEGO succeeded in:

  • Driving emotional loyalty by running targeted campaigns
  • Personalizing their messaging through segmentation
  • Catering to mobile phone users with the incorporation of mobile wallet technology

The VIP program’s worldwide mobile wallet launch was made available in 11 languages and with the help from CrowdTwist’s predictive analytics integration, customers could see real-time updates on their mobile wallet interface.

  • The points are updated real time
  • Loyalty provider = CrowdTwist
  • Live world wide
  • Available in 11 languages
  • Links are encrypted to avoid fraud

Within the mobile the wallet experience, customers were able to launch their VIP card from LEGO’s mobile website and discover a personalized wallet card that displayed real-time point updates, an individualized barcodeand their personal email. This mobile experience served as a convenient way for customers to access rewards and also doubled as an additional B2C communication channel that brought customers closer to LEGO than ever before. 

Lego Website Call-to-Action

Custom Field Data

What’s next for LEGO?    

LEGO has high hopes for continued expansion and growth over the next few years. Considering the amount of touchpoints LEGO has as a brand including LEGO LifeLEGO video gamesLEGO VIP only content, etc., there are endless opportunities for LEGO to continue developing memorable experiences, offering personalized content, and enhancing shopper value.  

Want to hear the full story? Watch the full recording of the “How LEGO is Redefining Customer Loyalty and Engagement” webinar here. 

About the Author

Hanna Lee is a Marketing Intern at Vibes, located in San Francisco. She seeks to discover how marketing trends are brought to life in the digital world while also providing fresh insights that spark explorative and innovative natures in others.

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