How to Better Engage with Your Sports Fans Through Mobile Messaging

February 1, 2018 Vibes Marketing

How to Better Engage with Your Sports Fans Through Mobile Messaging

We at Vibes are always excited to work with new clients in various industries to help them with their mobile messaging strategies. While we’ve worked with retailers like Home Depot and Redbox, we recently entered a new industry: sports!

The Oakland Raiders football team recently became a Vibes customer to drive engaging brand experiences with its fans and develop a custom mobile marketing strategy that will help the team engage the Raider Nation.

How Mobile Turns Sports Fans into Raving Fanatics

While mobile wallet has proven itself to not only be a great way for consumers to pay for products with their phones but also as a channel for mobile coupons, it’s just now starting to be leveraged as an event management tool.

Think about an event you’ve attended. Did you frantically check your purse or wallet to make sure you remembered your tickets? Or did maybe the event lineup change and you were unaware because you hadn’t checked your email announcing the change? Did you grumble while trying to find ink for your printer so you could print your ticket for the event?

These are all issues that vanish when you use mobile wallet for ticket management. Any event — sport or otherwise — can issue tickets accessible through the mobile wallet, as well as share updates on the event as push notifications.

Fans are kept in the loop with news about the events simply by checking their phones. It’s up to you how creative you get with your notifications: fans will glom onto interviews with their favorite players or videos of training, and they’re easy enough to share.

Increase Ticket Sales and Drive Attendance with SMS

But mobile wallet isn’t the only tool that sports brands can leverage. SMS (known as text messaging) can also be used to notify subscribers when tickets for events go on sale (especially if they’re likely to sell out within minutes) and keep them in the loop about events they are attending.

Was there a sudden snowstorm that means fans will be chilly in the stands? Send a quick SMS to remind them to dress warmly.

Is there an accident on the freeway leading to the stadium? Send a text with alternate directions.

One advantage to SMS over mobile wallet is: everyone’s got it. While mobile wallet adoption is drastically increasing, SMS remains ubiquitous, and is available to mobile phone users who don’t have smartphones. And there’s no reason you can’t use both to reach your audience!

Mobile marketing, particularly via SMS, is also a great tool for upselling to fans. Let’s say a fan has bought three seats for an upcoming game in the nosebleed section. You could send a special offer to upgrade those seats for a nominal fee. You can also create packages, such as seats, branded team shirt, and food, and promote those via mobile. Creating offers that are exclusive to SMS subscribers or mobile wallet members creates a sense of being in a club and of having access to exclusive offers no one else gets.

Mobile marketing has proven to increase ROI, boost coupon and promo redemption, and increase revenue. It works fantastically in conjunction with marketing tools you’re already using, like email and social media, and can amplify results.

Whether you’re looking to amp up fan engagement for an NFL, NBA, or college sports league, mobile marketing is the right channel to do so. After all, everyone carries their phone in their pockets, and smartphones have become personal assistants in a way. What better tool to sell event tickets and get fans excited about upcoming games? Schedule a free demo with Vibes to see what our mobile engagement platform is all about and to learn how we can help you grow your fan base.


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