How to Build Loyal Customers on Mobile

May 6, 2017 Vibes

All signs point to loyalty being top of mind for marketers this year, with nearly half of marketers expecting funding toward their loyalty programs to increase in 2017. While it’s great to see marketers focusing on retaining customers, it raises the question — where should they focus their increased spend?

The answer is simple — prioritize mobile above everything else. Our just-released 2017 Mobile Consumer Report shows that consumers want brands to bring loyalty and mobile together, and they are likely to be more loyal to companies that do so.

Here are a few things about loyalty we picked up from surveying more than 2,000 consumers:

  • Digital loyalty cards make a big difference. Click to tweet. Seventy percent of consumers would have a significantly more positive perception of a brand if it ditched the plastic card for a digital version. After all, when we run our lives through our phones, who wants to still carry around all those cards? The easiest and most effective way to do optimize your loyalty program for mobile is through mobile wallets like Apple Wallet and Android Pay, which allow customers to store loyalty cards alongside credit cards and use and earn points while paying with their phone.
  • Mobile allows you to get personal with loyalty. Click to tweet. Eighty-three percent of consumers say receiving points/rewards, exclusive content and special messaging has a positive impact on their brand loyalty. With loyalty cards stored in a mobile wallet, you can surprise and delight your customers by sending these messages in real time and enabling them to accumulate and redeem rewards instantly.
  • Grocery and drug stores’ loyalty programs are the most popular. Click to tweet. Over half of consumers belong to the loyalty programs of pharmacy and drug stores (51 percent) and grocery stores (65 percent). These programs likely get high usage due to multiple visits per month, so companies in these spaces can make the loyalty experience more convenient and seamless by mobilizing their programs.

Want more helpful insights into how to approach your loyalty strategy? Download the Vibes 2017 Mobile Consumer Report.


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