How to Decipher Your Customer Data to Personalize Mobile Experiences

November 15, 2018 Vibes Marketing

How to Decipher Your Customer Data to Personalize Mobile Experiences

Personalization, which is essential for a successful mobile marketing campaign, starts with customer data. When you know what a shopper looked at on your website, what she bought, and where she lives, you can customize your mobile messages to her in such a way that you drastically increase offer redemptions and conversion rates. 

The key is knowing what data to harvest and what to do with the information you get. 

How to Decipher Your Customer Data to Personalize Mobile Experiences

What Information Will Tell You What You Need to Know? 

We are inundated with Big Data these days. We can learn far more than we really need to know, so the key is in parsing the information we get to focus on what really helps us with our mobile engagement campaigns. 

When trying to figure out what to pay attention to, work backward. Start with what your end goal is. Let’s say you have a Black Friday promotion and you want to sell 10,000 of a particular product. What customer data would be helpful in selling? 

  • How often people buy this type of product (people will buy nail polish over and over, but not a mattress) 

  • Whether people buy this type of product alone or as an add-on purchase 

  • If there are other types of products that people tend to combine with this product 

  • What regions tend to sell the most of this product in your stores 

  • Who the product is for (for the shopper? For a friend as a holiday gift?) 

  • Where else people shop for this type of product, and what they pay there 

  • Whether shoppers are loyal to brands for this product, or if they shop based on price alone 

Once you know specifically the data points you care about, you can use that information to shape your campaigns. For example, if you are selling nail polish, you could create a campaign called Buy One for a Friend, Get One Free. This appeals to women who buy nail polish for themselves but who also need holiday gifts because they kill two birds with one stone. 

Or if you know what your biggest competitor charges for a similar product, you can keep an eye on its Black Friday promotions and be ready to beat it with even better mobile wallet offers or MMS marketing messages. 

What Can You Learn from Location Data? 

One really great resource for understanding mobile consumer behavior is geo-location information. When you know the following, you can tailor location-based offers to increase redemptions. 

  • Where is a shopper when she clicks to save a mobile wallet offer? 

  • How quickly does she redeem an offer after seeing it? 

  • Can you lure business away from the competition with the right location-based offer? 

  • Can you sway purchase behavior within the store using beacons? 

Brands are using localization to veer business away from the competition: by tracking shoppers who are close to a competing store and sending lucrative mobile offers, they are likely to change course and shop with the brand sending the offer instead. 

Retailers are also benefiting from the data that beacons provide. Once a shopper is in a store, where does she go? Sending special offers for that particular location can provide insight into how influential a retailer can be once a shopper is inside. 

What Does Your Campaign Data Tell You? 

Every marketing campaign you initiate creates valuable data. If you pay attention to what consumers do once they receive your offer, you can easily tweak the verbiage, offer, timeline, location, and more to see even better results next time. 

The key to successful mobile engagement is to pay attention to what your customers are doing with your offer. Rather than putting out offers you think they’ll like, the data tells you exactly what they want. 

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